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Turkey: Demonstrations for the first anniversary of the Gezi Park occupation


[Sources]Istanbul Indymedia, Sendika, Twitter.
Timezone: E.E.T.


Turkey [01:00] The newswire will stop for today. From Turkey to Greece and all over the world: Insurrection, Revolution, Freedom!

Turkey [00:25] Detentions from today’s protests up to now – Istanbul: 169, Ankara: 69, Izmir: 50 and Adana: 21.

Istanbul [00:20] The feminists and LGBTQ people are marching in alleys of Istiklal Street. photo

Istanbul [00:09] Many protesters detained in Mis Street. Police blockade continues all over Taksim’s streets. photo

Istanbul [00:08] The resistance continues with fireworks in Nurtepe. photo photo 2

Izmir [00:04] The demos are nearly over.

Istanbul [23:57] Police attacks the people in Bahariye. The protesters don’t want to leave the area. video1 video2 video3

Istanbul [23:55] The woman waits for emergency after police shot her with plastic bullet. video

Istanbul [23:53] There are detains in Sarıgazi.

Αdana[Early in the afternoon]There are information regarding the protester shown in the picture that he is seriously injured, after a police attack.Photo

Istanbul [23:50] Besiktas right now photo

Izmir [23:45] Izmir now φωτογραφία

Istanbul [23:45] A women was shot by police with plastic bullet in Mis Street. Police still attacks with tear gas and water cannon. video https://vine.co/v/Mpa7ElQVAj0 video

Ankara [23:41] The protesters use bricks from a house to make a barricade. The owner of house is letting them collect the bricks.photo

Ankara [23:35] The resistance continues in Tuzlucayır for the anniversary of Gezi. photo 1 photo 2

Izmir [23:32] One protester from Halkevleri, Alper Doğan, is assaulted by police.

Istanbul [23:23] Taksim now photo

Istanbul [23:20] Police attacks into Nane Street from Mis Street in Taksim. video

Istanbul [23:15] Many people are detained during the police attacks in Besiktas. photo

Izmir [23:13] Cops attack people with water cannon and tear gas while the protesters are singing for Taksim and Gezi.

Istanbul [23:10] The resistance continues in Okmeydani. photo

Istanbul [23:07] The people continue singing in Mis Street. video

Istanbul [23:05] Clashes in neighbourhoods continue φωτογραφία 1 φωτογραφία 2

Izmir [23:00] Cops attack again the protester in Alsancak. They also attack the people who are sitting in cafe.

Izmir [23:30] Gundogdu Square and Alsancak are under police blockade. photo 1 photo 2

Ankara [23:00] People continue to gather at the Tuzluçayır photo

Istanbul [22:55] People are singing and dancing in Mis Street, in Taksim. photo The people in Besiktas are playing leapfrog photo

Instanbul [22.52] Today, members of Erdogan’s Youth party, were moving in the same line with cops.

Instanbul [22.50] Istiklal avenue is full of cops together with members of Erdogan’s Youth Party. photo

Antakya [22:44] The people are shouting slogans against the cops after the cops used tear gas against them in Armutlu.

Antakya [22:41] The resistance continues with fireworks in Armutlu.

Izmir [22:41] The people are standing in front of the barricade set up against the police group with the water canon and sing “TOMA (water cannon), please come!”photo

Istanbul [22.40] 76 detained, 11 injured as Turkish police crackdown on protesters in Istanbul

Istanbul [22:35] Police attacked in Sarachane and deployed in front of Istanbul Municipalty’s building.

Istanbul [22:30] A woman stands in front of the water cannon and tries to block it. photo

Istanbul [22:24] The people are shouting to the police while police are detainig the protesters. One protester was taken back. photo

Istanbul [22:18] 4 protesters are detained in Besiktas. photo

Istanbul [22:17] Police went back from Nurtepe after the resistance of people. photo

Istanbul [22:15] A volunteer reporter, who was shot on the arm was treated near Mis Sokak. photo

Izmir [22:15] Police removed the cars from street and the water cannon is preparing to attack.

Instanbul [22:13] Erdogan’s dogs are hitting anyone that stands in their way.

Istanbul [22:12] The cameraman from DHA is on the cops’ side. In live broadcasting, he was smiling and shaking hands with the cops.

Istanbul [22:12] Police attacks to people in Sarıgazi while they were marching. The clashes begin.

Istanbul [22:07] Riot police and plain clothed cops blockade in Besiktas.Police attacks continues in Mis Street. photo

Istanbul [22:05] YDG-H (Kurdish Front) says they are still clashing with police in Gazi District. photo

Istanbul [21:54] One protester is wounded during the police attacks in Mis Street.video

Istanbul [21:53] According to their twitter account, one police vehicle is burned by protesters of YDG-H. (kurdish front)photo

Izmir [21:43] Police attack protesters in 2th Kordon, while they are marching to Basmane. The attacks still continue.

Denizli [21:39] The demo continues to Denizli. photo

Istanbul [21:36] The tear gas attacks continues in Mis St. photo

Istanbul [21:34] Cops attack with tear gas on Mis Street. photo

Kocaeli [21:33] The sit-in protest continues in front of AKP’S building.photo

Istanbul [21:32] Barricades in İstanbul, Kadıköy now photo

Istanbul [21:30] Police attacks protesters in Cihangir. video

Ankara [21:29] Clashes continues in Kızılay, in Ankara. photo

Antakya [21:28] Police attack people in front of a gas station in Antakya.

Istanbul [21:27] Groups of police stand at street corners in vicinity of Taksim Sq. Every 100 meters, another group of cops photo

Istanbul [21:25] The protesters are still waiting in front of TMMOB’s (Union Chamber of Turkish Architects and Engineers) apartment. Police attack people again in Fulya.photo

Ankara [21:25] On the Gezi Anniversary demonstrators retaliate with fireworks after police violence photo

Istanbul [21:22] Police attacks with tear gas in alley’s of Istiklal Street. photo1 photo2

Istanbul [21:20] Gazi district now photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

Ankara [21:17] Sakarya Street gassed. Police detained protesters. photo

Kocaeli [21:13] The people are sitting against the police blockade in front of AKP building.

Istanbul [21:12] Protesters and riot police wait opposite each other in Ergenekon Street.

Antakya [21:12] Gezi anniversary march starts in Antakya. photo

Eskisehir [21:11] The people are watching documentary about Gezi for anniversary. photo

Istanbul [21:10] A picture from Istiklal Street. photo

Istanbul [21:10] Several residents have been banging their pots and pans on their windows to protest the police. Particularly in the Istanbul neighborhoods of Beşiktaş and Kadıköy since 9 p.m., following the call of Taksim Solidarity.

Antakya [21:08] The demo started. Hunderds of people are marching.

Istanbul [21:08] People try to escape from a cafe after police used tear gas to disperse protesters photo

Istanbul [21:00] Lawyers say there are at least 97 detained till now.

Istanbul [20:59] Water cannon attacks houses photo

Denizli [20:55] People march for the Gezi anniversary. photo

Adana [20:54] The police attack stopped and protesters come out of apartment buildings again.

Istanbul [20:54] Protester wounded by rubber bullet photo

Istanbul [20:51] Even journalists with official press cards issued by Turkish ministries are not allowed to enter İstiklal Avenue, which looks desolated except from police presence.

Istanbul [20:50] Police putting out a fire in the side streets off Taksim. Pots and pans being banged from windows photo

Antakya [20:48] Demos will start at 21:00 in Armutlu, where Abdullah Comert was killed by police last year.

Istanbul: [20:48] Taksim Solidarity continues the sit-in protest in Meselik Street.

Istanbul [20:43] Cops attack with tear gas in Asmalımescit in Taksim.

Istanbul [20:43] Earlier in Kadikoy photo

Bursa [20:41] The people are marching for Gezi Anniversary ‘this is just the beginning, our struggle continues’. http://www.odatv.com/images/resimler/bo-zztciuaepkzh.jpg photo

Istanbul [20:40] Police detaining demonstrators who defy protest ban on Gezi Park anniversary photo

Istanbul [20:39] Demonstrators on their way to Taksim, crossing the bridge from Kadiköy photo

Istanbul [20:37] There are 3 detaines from Macka Student Collective.

Istanbul [20:35] The people are sitting in Istiklal Street, one of protesters shouting to police ‘It’s a crime, please leave the area.’

Istanbul [20:31] Police attacks journalists in Tunel Square, in front of the Swedish Palace photo

Istanbul [20:30] Police attacks with plastic bullets in Mis Street, Taksim. video. Several people around İstiklal Avenue in Istanbul have been affected by tear gas. photo

Istanbul [20:29] Police beating and detaining two lovers in Istiklal photo

Istanbul [20:28] Out of nowhere 100+ plainclothed policemen w/batons raided Cihangir. Protesters dispersed photo

Istanbul [20:27] Police filming people coming out of a bookstore in Taksim

Istanbul: [20:25] Police attacks people in Acıbadem while they are marching from Kadıköy to Bosphours.

Ankara [20:25] Protester injured on his head photo

Istanbul [20:24] People staging sit-in as police does not allow to the side of protesters

Istanbul [20:22] Protesters burned the trees and houses as resist for TOMA photo

Istanbul [20:10] Police raiding Taksim Solidarity offices photo

Istanbul [20:06] Protesters on their way back to Besiktas after police attacks in Osmanbey.

Istanbul [20:04] Police attacks protesters with plastic bullets at Sakayik Street, in Sisli.

Istanbul [20:02] People throw eggs to the police from apartments in Nisantasi, Taksim.

Istanbul [20:00] Police blockade in Cihangir, Taksim.photo

Istanbul [19:58] Riot police deployed in front of Mephisto Cafe. The cop in charge threaten the owner of Mephisto Cafe: ‘I can order 10 cops to shoot everyone.’ photo

Istanbul [19:51] Police attacks with tear gas and detaines the protesters in Cihangir, Taksim. photo 1 photo 2

Istanbul [19:47] Some demonstrators shoot fireworks at police in the side strees of Taksim, while two children were reportedly detained for allegedly throwing stones at police officers with their slings.

Istanbul [19:40] Taksim Solidarity: “we will not make a statement until the police violence ends and we will not leave the area, either.”

Istanbul [19:30] A police vehicle (TOMA) uses water cannon to put out a fire in a trash bin near Galata Tower in the Tünel neighborhood of Taksim amid intense tear gas. video

Istanbul [19:26] HaberTurk TV reports that police used plastic bullets against protesters in Osmanbey, the neighborhood of Taksim.

Istanbul [19:23] Police also intervened in Istanbul’s Gazi neighborhood, a traditionally hotspot for street action, with tear gas and water cannons to stop the rally toward Taksim. The clashes between the police and the protesters continue.

Adana [19:06] Police attacks protesters with water cannons in Adana. photo

Istanbul [19:06] Detentions from undercover cops photo

Ankara [18:57] Cops attacked the demo. The people are gathering again. photo

Istanbul [18:50] Three organizations are gathering in Istiklal Street after Taksim Solidarity’s call. photo photo

Istanbul [18:44] Demonstratos gather on Sıraselviler Street near Saksim Square. photo

Istanbul [18:30] Taksim Solidarity protestors who were not allowed to Taksim Square started a sit- in protest.

Istanbul [18:15] Police starts to move towards Taksim Solidarity demonstrators with water cannons.

Istanbul [18:11] Taksim Solidarity starts to march to Taksim Square. photo photo

Istanbul: [17:55] Police attacks continue in Gazi District photo

Istanbul: [17:50] Crowds gather on Istiklal street and perfom folk dances together. photo

Istanbul: [17:37] Police keeps citizens in handcuffs while they run security checks on Istiklal street photo

Istanbul [17:19] Istiklal Street is getting more crowded.photo

Istanbul [17:10] Police blockade at Taksim Square. photo, photo.

Istanbul [17:00] Police cordon in Kucukparmakkapı Street. photo

Istanbul [16:38] ‘Gezi Library’ and ‘Gezi Commune Kitchen’, in Istiklal Street. photo

Istanbul [16:30] Taksim Solidarity met chamber of architects and will march to Taksin Square at 19:00

Istanbul [16:00] Cops started wearing their gas masks photo

Istanbul [15:58] The reporter from CNN, Ivan Watson, is released.

Istanbul [15:50] The people are protesting in front of Soma holding company’s building. photo

Istanbul [15:42] The entrance of Istiklal Street is closed by cops. photo

Istanbul [15:38] Cops at the streets of Cihangir. photo

Istanbul [15:30] ‘Don’t be afraid!’ in Taksim Square. photo Last photo of Taksim: photo

Istanbul [15:15] Police is deployed at the occupied train station in Haydarpasa. photo

Istanbul [15:00] The metro entrance has been shut down. The reporter from CNN, Ivan Watson, is detained. photo

Istanbul: [14:43] Water cannon and police bus are waiting at Istiklal Street. photo

Istanbul [14:36] Police attacks protesters while they’re reading books in front of Gezi Park. Photo

Istanbul [14:28] Main train station, Haydarpasa Station is occupied by small protester group. Photo

Istanbul [14:55] Taksim Square. Photo

Istanbul [14:00] A few protesters are reading book in front of Gezi Park. photo

İstanbul [13:00] People are getting together in Nurtepe Djemevi for Elif Çermik’s funreal. She passed away yesterday after being 159 days in a coma. photo

Istanbul [12:52] All the streets are closed throught Taksim

Istanbul [10:50] Gezi Park is closed by cops.





TURKEY: Revolutionary Anarchist Action’s (DAF) Statement about the Soma miners.

Killed by the state – Our sorrow is the seed of our rage

The fire that appeared in the coal mine in Manisa-Soma on 13th of May, became one of the biggest massacres in these lands. With the fire, hundreds of coal miners were poisoned by intensive carbon monoxide. The number of the workers who have died, increased every hour. The minister of energy, minister of labour and the prime minister tried to hide the real number of miners who have died while declaring that “it was a sad work accident”. The prime minister declared that “these kind of accidents could happen anytime.”


While thousands of people were waiting near the mine and trying to get news ffrom their relatives who were in the coal mine, the ambulances, funeral vehicles and cold storage vehicles showed the gravity of the massacre. The number of dead miners increased; 78, 151, 245, 282…

And the number is increasing. The ones who are responsible for this massacre, are trying to legitimate the “deaths” by saying “this is destiny”. There are protests around the whole coutnry. People are in the streets claiming that it is not destiny nor an accident, it is a massacre by the state and companies.


On 14th May, police attacked the people who protested the creators of this massacre. The state and its armed forces thought they could prevent this anger with plastic bullets, tear gas and gas bombs. But the ones who are in the streets shout together: “Murderer state.” Image

State officials and bosses of the energy companies are claiming that they are mourning. But they are the murderers who forced the people to work hundreds of meters under the surface for gaining money to live. They are the murderers who forced people to work in such condititions where death is inevitable.

We are sorrowful for the ones who were murdered in the mines by capitalists and the state. We are in the street with anger against these murderers. We are not mourning, this is rebellion. Our sorrow is the seed of our anger!

Revolutionary Anarchist Action (DAF)




‘Everywhere is Resistance’: Turkey Protests Flare Following Death of Teen

turkey_3turkey_3Mass protests in Turkey have flared up once again following the death of a boy who died Tuesday night from an injury inflicted by police during last summer’s country-wide wave of protests.

Tens of thousands of protesters filled the streets of Istanbul Wednesday to mourn the death of Berkin Elvan, 15, whose death followed 269 days in a coma after having sustained a blow to the head by a tear gas canister fired by police.


‘Everywhere is Resistance’: Turkey Protests Flare Following Death of Teen