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Greece: Lambros-Viktoras Maziotis Roupas released from custody – Revolutionary Struggle comrades end hunger & thirst strike

After  4 days of hunger and thirst strike of 3 members of R.O. Revolutionary Struggle( Pola Roupa, Nikos Maziotis and Konstantina Athanasopoulou)we finally see an epilogue:

From InsurectionNews

According to Athens Indymedia a new order was issued by the prosecutor on 08.01.16 terminating the detention of Lambros-Viktoras Maziotis Roupas, the 6 year old son of Revolutionary Struggle members Pola Roupa and Nikos Maziotis, and awarding temporary custody of the child to his grandmother. The child has already left the hospital with his relatives. Comrades Pola Roupa, Nikos Maziotis and Konstantina Athanasopoulou have ended their hunger and thirst strike. A decision on final custody of the child will take place in six months time.


Pola Roupa and Konstantina Athanasopoulou were earlier this day 08.01.2017. transferred to the hospital, because of their health condition during this exhausting battle.

Solidarity actions took place all over Greece during this 4 days – people showing their support and solidarity with various gatherings, protests, letters, banners, graffiti. Also prisoners refuse to go in their cells and some of them wrote solidarity letters to the strikers, as well as other individuals  and organizations that condemned the Government, Minister of Justice, Health, and other responsible persons for holding and kidnapping a child and holding it non-legal in custody institutions isolated.

This precedent in treatment of the 6 year old child has seen as an act of class revenge and hatred to his parents because of their political choices of revolutionary armed struggle, and compares with dictatorship in Latin America as Dimitris Koufodinas, the member of 17N stated.

Solidarity Actions (via InsurectionNews):

07.01.17: Two OPKE (Group of Crime Prevention and Suppression) police vehicles ambushed in Exarcheia, Athens with Molotov cocktails, one OPKE vehicle completely destroyed.

07.01.17: 3 ATMs torched in Thessaloniki

06.01.17: Car torched outside the home of Tassos Tsakiridi, Deputy Mayor for Social Policy in the Neapoli-Sykies Municipality in Thessaloniki

Also on 06.01.17: NEA TV (TV News) station was occupied in Chania, Crete and 8 minute message was transmitted live in solidarity with the 3 imprisoned Revolutionary Struggle members on hunger & thirst strike:

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INTERNATIONAL CALL for revolutionary solidarity with the political prisoners on hunger strike since 2nd of March in Greece
INTERNATIONAL CALL for revolutionary solidarity with the political prisoners on hunger strike since 2nd of March in Greece WEDNESDAY 1st of APRIL 2015

At the present moment, the imprisoned anarchists, members of DAK (Network of imprisoned social fighters), A. Stampoulos, A. Theofilou, G. Karagianidis, D. Politis, F. Charisis, A. Dalios, D. Mpourzoukos, G. Sarafoudis, G. Michailidis, the members of the “Revolutionary Struggle” N. Maziotis and K. Gournas, the member of “17th of November” D. Koufontinas, a number of Turkish political prisoners and the prisoners G. Sofianidis and M. S. Eltsibach, are on a hunger strike, fighting against the repressive legal state of exception which has been established by the Greek state since the beginning of 2000.

Starting in 2 of March, along with the comrades outside the prison walls, we commenced a struggle for the abolition of type C high security prisons, the abolition of “antiterrorist” law, the abolition of the “hoodlaw”, the radical  change in the process of taking and identification of DNA samples, the release of the seriously sick member of 17N S. Ksiros.

Our struggle for the fulfillment of these demands is a struggle against the core of the state of emergency. It is a struggle against the core of the new totalitarianism which has been enforced by the state of Greece, as well as by the rest of the states globally. Recognizing the fact that the nexus of dominance’s designs transcends the narrow geographic borders of national states, we call all the comrades to support our fight.

We call all comrades to act in solidarity on the 1st of April, sending a message of revolutionary unity.


DAK (Network of imprisoned social fighters)

source: IndyMedia Athens

Seattle solidarity demo at Mexican consulate for the arrested comrades accused of molotov attack


From 325:


This afternoon, February 11th, there was a demonstration at the Mexican consulate in Seattle, in solidarity with Carlos Lopez and other prisoners of the Mexican state.

A group of about 20 people chanted Carlos’ name as well as anti-border and anti-prison slogans, and a synopsis of the case and a statement by Carlos were read over a megaphone. There were two banners that said “Solidarity to all captured comrades” and “Solidaridad es mas fuerte que los carceles! Presxs a la calle!” We stood around and handed out leaflets to passers-by for about 15 minutes, then went inside the consulate and read Carlos’ statement again, and left and dispersed on our own accord.

Carlos is one of three people arrested on January 5th in Mexico City in relation to a firebomb attack on a Nissan Dealership and the Ministry of Communication and Transportation. Collectively known as the 5E3, they are being held on a special 40-day extension and are being investigated for sabotage, organized crime, and terrorism.

Capitalism, domination, and control are global, therefore anarchist solidarity is international as well. All prisons and borders must be destroyed, whether Mexican, Canadian, US, or any other. We feel particularly inspired by the 5E3′s resilience in the face of state repression because we have also faced intense state repression in the last year and a half in the Pacific Northwest. Much like civil contempt in the United States is used in an attempt to break us, the 40-day arraigo is a similar attempt by the Mexican state to force compliance on the part of those physically locked up as well as those who might be inspired by attacks on the state and capitalism.

Compxs, we wish you continued strength in the battles to come. With solidarity, non-cooperation with the state, and care for each other, you will get through this.

Seattle Free Press

Protesto de solidariedade no consulado Mexicano pelos camaradas presos e acusados de ataque molotov

De 325

Esta tarde, 11 de Fevereiro, houve uma manifestação no consulado

Mexicano em Seattle, em solidariedade para com Carlos Lopez e outros
prisioneiros do estado Mexicano.
Um grupo de cerca de 20 pessoas entoou o nome de Carlos bem como slogans
anti-fronteira e anti-prisão, e foram lidas ao megafone uma sinopse do
caso e uma declaração de Carlos. Haviam dois banners com os dizeres
“Solidariedade para com todos os camaradas capturados” e “Solidaridad es
mas fuerte que los carceles! Presxs a la calle!” (“Solidariedade é mais
forte que as prisões! Presxs para a rua!”) Ali estivemos e distribuímos
panfletos aos passantes por cerca de 15 minutos, depois entrámos no
consulado e lemos a declaração de Carlos novamente, fomos embora e
dispersámos-nos à nossa vontade.
Carlos é uma das três pessoas presas a 5 de Janeiro na Cidade do México
em relação a um ataque com cocktail molotov a um concessionário da
Nissan e ao Ministério das Comunicações e Transportes. Colectivamente
conhecidos como the 5E3, eles estão a ser mantidos presos ao abrigo de
uma extensão especial de 40 dias e estão a ser investigaos por
sabotagem, crime organizado e terrorismo.
O Capitalismo, a dominação e o controlo são globais, por isso a
solidariedade anarquista é também internacional. Todas as prisões e
fronteiras devem ser destruídas, sejam elas mexicanas, canadianas,
estadunidenses, ou quaisquer outras. Sentimo-nos particularmente
inspirados pela tenacidade do 5E3 face à repressão do estado, porque
também enfrentámos uma intensa repressão do estado no último ano e meio
no Noroeste Pacífico. Muito à semelhança da forma como o desrespeito
civil nos Estados Unidos é usado na tentativa de nos quebrar, o
“arraigo” de 40 dias é uma tentativa similar, por parte do estado
Mexicano, para forçar a conformação daqueles que estão fisicamente
presos bem como daqueles que poderiam sentir-se inspirados por ataques
ao estado e ao capitalismo.
Companheiros, desejamo-vos força continuada nas batalhas que estão por
vir. Com solidariedade, não-cooperação com o estado e amizade uns pelos
outros, ultrapassaram isto.

NATO Protesters Stand with the NATO3, Respond to The Chicago Tribune’s War on Dissent



It is simply factually dead wrong for the Tribune to assert that “city officials went to great lengths to facilitate [protesters’] right to assemble” during the May 2012 NATO protests. In fact, protesters had to battle for months for the right to protest — including against Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s infamous “sit down and shut up” ordinance. And hundreds of protesters who were kettled and assaulted by police on May 20, 2012 would flatly dispute the Tribune’s characterization of that calculated police violence as ‘turning the other cheek.’


Activists also learned more during the NATO 3 trial about what many had suspected — that Emanuel and police superintendent Garry McCarthy have stewarded the full-bore reinstatement of the city’s infamous Red Squad. Under Emanuel’s and McCarthy’s watch, police squandered untold public dollars to spy on constitutionally protected activity and position undercover cops as agent provocateurs to entrap protesters in ‘crimes’ wholly incited and manufactured by those undercover cops. And that spying has not ended. One of those officers involved in surveilling and infiltrating NATO protest efforts joined a volunteer health care project as a volunteer street medic — and was still spying on activists a year later.


It also bears noting that among the ‘masked agitators, dressed in black’ in the run-up to the NATO meeting were the two undercover officers at the heart of the NATO 3 entrapment: Nadia Chikko and Mehmet Uygun. One would have to be asleep at the switch — or an apologist for state repression — to assume there was not the same sort of police endeavor underway during the protests themselves.


But Judge Thaddeus Wilson adamantly insisted that issues related to First Amendment concerns would not be aired in this trial — in effect, guaranteeing that the police overreach and abuse at the heart of this manufactured case would never be disclosed to the jury and the public.


The Tribune has never asked Emanuel, McCarthy or States Attorney Anita Alvarez how much the investigation, incarceration and trial of the NATO 3 has cost the taxpayers. More broadly, the Tribune has never asked the City of Chicago for an honest accounting of what it cost taxpayers to police the NATO summit in real dollars. That’s a remarkable lapse by a newspaper known for its persistent drumbeat to account for — and cut where possible — public dollars for vital front-line public services that range from public health to public education.


The Tribune’s shrill call to lock up the NATO 3 and throw away the key mirrors a longstanding tradition of the paper’s editorial board. The Tribune invoked the same cry for blood more than 125 years ago in the Haymarket 8 case, when its editors at one point offered to pay jurors for a guilty verdict against those defendants. Four were executed on November 11, 1886.


Today, the Tribune has embraced that same unprincipled extremism — by endorsing police policies that create crimes where none exist and derail the fundamental right to dissent unmolested by police agent provocateurs and law enforcement spies. Totalitarianism is informed by a state strategy to dirty up and derail public opposition to government policy. Anita Alvarez, Rahm Emanual and Garry McCarthy have been happy to embrace this sort of despotism. And the Tribune has cosigned it.


Individual signatories:


Bill Ayers, Distinguished Professor of Education & Senior University Scholar (retired), University of Illinois at Chicago


Babur Balos, Occupy Chicago/Rogers Park, Overpass Light Brigade/Chicago


Brian Bean, Occupy Chicago Direct Action Committee, Summit Working Group, CANG8


Father Bob Bossie, SCJ: The Priests of the Sacred Heart


Tom Burke, Committee to Stop FBI Repression


James Cox, Radicals Against Discrimination


Sister Kathleen Desautels, SP, NATO Mobilization Peace Guide


Mike N. Durschmid, Rising Tide Chicago, NATO-Green Bloc Alliance, Organic Consumers Association


Vince Emanuele, IVAW – Iraq Veterans Against The War


Frank T. Fitzgerald, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology, College of St. Rose


Chris Geovanis, NATO Independent Media Center


Matt Ginsberg-Jaeckle, Mental Health Movement/Chicago


Donald Goldhamer, Chicago Committee to Defend the Bill of Rights


Eldon Grossman, Veterans For Peace


Dylan Hayworth-Weste, Food Not Bombs/Pilsen


Pat Hunt, CANG8 — Coalition Against NATO/G8 War & Poverty Agenda


Joe Iosbaker, CANG8


Mike Kalas, Multikulti


Terry Keenan, Occupy Chicago


Marilyn Levin, UNAC — United National Antiwar Coalition


Joe Lombardo, UNAC


Gregory Malandrucco, Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression


Andy Manos, NATO protest organizer


Kait McIntyre, Anti-War Committee – Chicago


Matthew McLoughlin, Occupy Chicago


Alan Mills, Legal Director, Uptown People’s Law Center


Jason Page, Multikulti


Sister Dorothy Pagosa


Ray Parrish, Vietnam veteran, veterans’ rights activist


Rachael Perrotta, NATO Protest Press Team Coordinator


Micah Philbrook, Occupy Chicago Press Committee


Barry Romo, Vietnam Veterans Against The War


Dick Reilly, CAM — Chicago Action Medical


Zoe Sigman, NATO protester


Arny Stieber, on behalf of the Chicago Chapter of Veterans For Peace, ChicagoVFP.org


Jess Sundin, Committee to Stop FBI Repression


Andy Thayer, co-founder, GLN — Gay Liberation Network, CANG8


Danielle Villarreal, NATO protest logistics coordinator


Rachel Unterman, NATO protest press liaison


Natalie Wahlberg, labor organizer, NATO protest spokesperson
Thessaloniki, Greece: Claim of responsibility for setting fire to a bank

The 29/11 has begun the trial of anarchists G.Michailidis, D.Politis, N.Romanos, ADMpourzoukos, A.Ntalios and F.CharisisPoulos for the double robbery Velventos of Kozani. A few hours after the beginning of the trial, we placed a bomb arsonist at a branch of Piraeus Bank on Andreas Papandreou, the area of Neapolis Thessaloniki, as a small sign of solidarity with our comrades

The banks, as pillars of capitalism, were and continue to be a target of expropriation and destruction by the fighting men. To resist the brutality and totalitarianism, to build a free society of equality and freedom.

Solidarity to anarchist comrades on trial for a double robbery Velventos.

Do not forget our comrades G.Naxakis and G.Sarafoudis who were arrested in N.Philadelfeia.

Immediate release of Comrade Sp.Stratoulis from accusations that deny him the right to be granted a temporary license from prison and is on hunger strike since 11/11. Solidarity with Rami Syrianos, Mustafa Ergün and Michalis Ramadanoglou who are on hunger strike in solidarity with Sp.Stratoulis.



Madrid: Solidarity event for long-term anarchist prisoners

by actforfreedom On Saturday, January 11th,

the squatted social centre La Gatonera, located on 9, Amistad Street in the district of Carabanchel, Madrid, hosts an info event in solidarity with anarchist prisoners facing long sentences worldwide.We meet at 18:30 and begin counter-information talk, with the aim to publicize some of the cases of brothers and sisters who are incarcerated in the democratic dungeons of different States for many years already. Following a presentation of the cases of Claudio Lavazza and Gabriel Pombo Da Silva (prisoners in the Spanish State), Marco Camenisch (imprisoned in Switzerland), Thomas Meyer-Falk (captive in Germany), Marie Mason and Eric McDavid (imprisoned in the United States), and José Miguel Sánchez Jiménez (prisoner in Chile), we freely discuss ways to strengthen and extend solidarity ties, also through structures of counter-information and factual support, with prisoners of social war.The evening includes solidarity cafeta, with vegan sandwiches to kill hunger.We want to make this meeting an opportunity to break the silence in which they try to bury anarchist prisoners, to diffuse their words, and propagate the fight with all means possible against the prison society and those who sustain it.By the way, this is a self-organized event so we hope we can count on your support, both in terms of physical presence and active participation, as well as free donation for imprisoned comrades.Prisoners to the streets! Streets for the insurrection!Contra Info