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Athens, Greece – Demo Against Evictions Of Squats Attacked By Cops

13.03.2017. the the ‘left-wing’ Syriza government revealed once more its total capitulation and authoritarianism by evicting two squats in Athens, Greece. More than 200 people were detained during the evictions, with about 100 of them being released again. Refugees with papers were released, while “non-citizens” without papers will be sent to hotspots/camps. The Greek state also raided a self-organized center in the city of Agrinio. The cops vandalized the venue and stole 600€. Several thousand people protested in Athens against the evictions where clashes broke out after cops attacked the demonstration with tear gas.


The Refugee Accommodation Space, City Plaza’s statement:

Repression will not put an end to the squat movement

The evacuation of Villa Zografou and the Alkiviadou squat by police is an act of extreme state authoritarianism. The SYRIZA-ANEL government quickly aligned itself with far-right voices screaming for more repression. While refugees are crammed inside terrible camps, while enormous sums of money are being wasted, while the city is suffocating from the lack of free, non-commercial spaces, the government is opting for a policy of police violence and social suffocation.

Yet they are mistaken if they believe they can crush the squat movement with riot police and district attorneys. The struggle for solidarity and dignity will continue unabated. It is a Social need, it is a political choice.

Refugee Accommodation Space City Plaza

The call for tonight’s demonstration against the evictions was published on squat.net and voidnetwork.gr, as well as other independent media and social networks.

Statement from Void Network:

Two Social Centers In Athens Under Attack / Solidarity Announcement

The repression of social liberation movement and the destruction of the occupied spaces of refugees and immigrants will not be left unanswered. The Greek Left government chose at the dawn of 13/03/2017 to listen to the commands of the conservative right and the neo-liberal Media of Mass Manipulation and attack two occupations of the broader social movement in Athens, Greece. Police raids are an ideal example of the policy imposed by the domination during our era: when we sleep the State continues working against all of us.


The occupation at the beginning of Acharnon Street, very near to the old Villa Amalias squat in the center of Athens was – with the joys and sorrows of the past year-, a real school for all the local solidarity activists that took part in the titanic struggle offering assistance to refugees outside the mechanisms of the regime, as humans to humans over the last years. The occupation of Acharnon was the first example of direct, autonomous and unmediated self-organization of refugees without the presence and participation of local activists. It was a self-organized space of immigrants and refugees by themselves for themselves and this is why it was hit directly by the state.

The occupied park and castle of Villa Zografou in the Zografou area was an important social center of the neighborhood and with a very strong involvement in the uprising of 2008 and the movements that followed until the final uprising of February 12, 2012. At a time of recession for the movements and of the general inaction of society, the State comes to get back every corner conquered by the social movements at a time when they tried to give answers to the capitalist, predatory raids misleadingly named by our oppressors as “CRISIS”.

The fraud of the representation of popular interests in parliament by ridiculous politicians and sold out parties already ended at Syntagma Square in the summer of 2011. The massive illusion of the desperate majority that Syriza wouls “save us” has ended long ago. This attack on the social centers is yet more proof that the left government is nothing more than another form of antisocial “social democracy” in front of us. Syriza is a zombie of PASOK, and while it is dying it continues to grasp at the defense of its own power, and every minute that passes the future of this society is mortgaged away.

The parliament stinks of the plague and those who want to support it with their backs and to irrigate it with their blood have to know that they live at the expense of their children and that they CHILDREN WILL GIVE THEIR ANSWERS. The Future will defend its rights and THE FUTURE BELONGS TO THOSE WHO ARE STRUGGLING.

Re-occupation of all occupations hit by the State – Create squats and social centers across the country in all possible and unlikely places – Liberation of everyday life from all stupid social responsibilities and conventions – Refuse the dominant culture – Recruitment towards the social movements of our time – Support of the movement’s for the spaces with our daily participation


Participate at the demonstrations organised in defense of the squats and social centers

Monday 13/3 at 18.00 Gardenia sq. Zografou area / 6th bus stand – BUS 230, 608,235.

VOID NETWORK [Theory, Utopia, Empathy, Ephemeral Arts] http://voidnetwork.gr

INTERNATIONAL CALL for revolutionary solidarity with the political prisoners on hunger strike since 2nd of March in Greece
INTERNATIONAL CALL for revolutionary solidarity with the political prisoners on hunger strike since 2nd of March in Greece WEDNESDAY 1st of APRIL 2015

At the present moment, the imprisoned anarchists, members of DAK (Network of imprisoned social fighters), A. Stampoulos, A. Theofilou, G. Karagianidis, D. Politis, F. Charisis, A. Dalios, D. Mpourzoukos, G. Sarafoudis, G. Michailidis, the members of the “Revolutionary Struggle” N. Maziotis and K. Gournas, the member of “17th of November” D. Koufontinas, a number of Turkish political prisoners and the prisoners G. Sofianidis and M. S. Eltsibach, are on a hunger strike, fighting against the repressive legal state of exception which has been established by the Greek state since the beginning of 2000.

Starting in 2 of March, along with the comrades outside the prison walls, we commenced a struggle for the abolition of type C high security prisons, the abolition of “antiterrorist” law, the abolition of the “hoodlaw”, the radical  change in the process of taking and identification of DNA samples, the release of the seriously sick member of 17N S. Ksiros.

Our struggle for the fulfillment of these demands is a struggle against the core of the state of emergency. It is a struggle against the core of the new totalitarianism which has been enforced by the state of Greece, as well as by the rest of the states globally. Recognizing the fact that the nexus of dominance’s designs transcends the narrow geographic borders of national states, we call all the comrades to support our fight.

We call all comrades to act in solidarity on the 1st of April, sending a message of revolutionary unity.


DAK (Network of imprisoned social fighters)

source: IndyMedia Athens

Protesters burn city hall in Mexico town where 43 students vanished

— Masked assailants Wednesday set fire to the city hall in Iguala in a rampage triggered by the failure of Mexican authorities to resolve the case of 43 missing student teachers.

Dozens of protesters, many wearing masks, broke away from a peaceful march of thousands of people who were demanding that the missing student teachers be returned alive.

Flinging rocks and using poles as battering rams, the protesters broke into the city hall, which was closed, and shattered windows and smashed computers. Several protesters carried Molotov cocktails, and around 1:30 p.m., acrid black smoke began billowing out of several areas of the building.

No federal police, who have taken control of this city about 100 miles southwest of Mexico City, responded to the rampage as it unfolded over the course of an hour.

No injuries were apparent.

The attack marked an escalation of protests in the Pacific Coast state of Guerrero, where tensions have been high since scores of student teachers went missing Sept. 26 after clashing with municipal police. Those clashes left six people dead and some 20 injured. Police rounded up 43 other students, but their fate is unknown.

Iguala’s mayor and security chief fled after the bloodshed amid evidence that they had been collaborating with a regional criminal gang, Guerreros Unidos, or United Warriors.

Federal authorities later found six mass graves and retrieved 23 bodies from them but have not yet determined if the bodies belong to any of the missing students, all of whom were from a rural teachers college that is a bastion of radicalism.

Earlier in the day, Attorney General Jesus Murillo Karam laid blame for the missing students on fugitive ex-Mayor Jose Luis Abarca and his wife, Maria de los Angeles Pineda Villa, who was the city’s director of social services before fleeing with her husband.

Murillo Karam said several of the 52 police officers, municipal officials and United Warriors members who’ve been detained in the case have told authorities that Abarca ordered city police to halt the students lest they interrupt a public speech by his wife, who had been seeking the mayor’s post.

Police from Iguala and the nearby town of Cocula, which Murillo Karam said was also controlled by the United Warriors, conducted the roundup of the students and turned them over to three United Warriors members, who transported them toward an outlying community, Pueblo Viejo, he said.

The arson attack on the city hall in Iguala marked the fourth time this month that protesters have burned buildings, a rising tide of violence dogging President Enrique Pena Nieto as the dramatic disappearances drag on unresolved.

On Tuesday, some 200 teachers set fire to the regional office of the leftist Party of the Democratic Revolution in the state capital, Chilpancingo. The party, which controls the state government, is reeling amid opposition calls for its governor, Angel Aguirre, to resign. The fire gutted part of the building. Protesters also overturned a car and spray-painted graffiti, including the slogan, “We want them back alive.”

Before dawn on Monday, masked protesters set fire to an office of a state social assistance program, Guerrero Cumple, in Chilpancingo, burning computers and filing cabinets and leaving a charred mess.

The most damage was caused Oct. 14, when masked protesters rampaged through state government installations in Chilpancingo, setting several buildings on fire.

The Pena Nieto government announced this week a reward of the equivalent of $111,000 for information leading to the whereabouts of any of the missing 43 students.

All of the students are male, mostly in their late teens or early 20s. Most are sons of poor farmers and want to become teachers as a way out of poverty.

Read more here: http://www.newsobserver.com/2014/10/22/4256292_protesters-burn-city-hall-in-mexico.html?sp=/99/102/111/&rh=1#storylink=cpy
‘Everywhere is Resistance’: Turkey Protests Flare Following Death of Teen

turkey_3turkey_3Mass protests in Turkey have flared up once again following the death of a boy who died Tuesday night from an injury inflicted by police during last summer’s country-wide wave of protests.

Tens of thousands of protesters filled the streets of Istanbul Wednesday to mourn the death of Berkin Elvan, 15, whose death followed 269 days in a coma after having sustained a blow to the head by a tear gas canister fired by police.


‘Everywhere is Resistance’: Turkey Protests Flare Following Death of Teen


BiH Writes Her Revolution In The “Book Of Joy” At Governments’ Funerals, As Police Increase Repression

Happy government funeral taking place in Tuzla, one of the most cheered forms of protest people from Bosnia and Herzegovina adopted to spread the message that time for real change has come for them. Source

Police in Bosnia and Herzegovina are hunting down people participating in direct action activities against the ruling classes, as repression against them intensifies. In spite of all threats, beatings, blackmail and propaganda employed by the state, rebels still gather in plenums (public assemblies) where they take decisions for their rulers, and they resist. Police repression has increased in the past days, since people’s plenums become more powerful and the rebellion against the ruling classes extends and diversifies.

Demo in Zenica, March 4th. Pic by Zenica Blog

Police repression is not just aimed at intimidating and scaring people participating in an almost all-out rebellion against the ruling classes, it is also aimed at hindering people’s fight against nationalism so they can keep them segregated.

This is especially visible in Mostar, where police are trying to stop people from the East part of the town – predominantly Bosniak – to unite with the people in the West, predominantly Croat, separated by a bridge. People in Mostar participate in protest-walk, they adopted this form of protest so they can also unite, but police are constantly blocking the bridge they must cross to be able to do that.This video filmed early on March 5th shows how cops block people in the Eastern part of Mostar from crossing to the Western side. Three days ago, police injured some protestors to stop them form crossing the bridge in Mostar on the other side. People shouted at cops repressing them: “Fascists”! Whenever police tries to arrest some of them, people save them from the hands of the cops. Yesterday, cops blocked again the road people were protest-walking on, so demonstrators went in another direction. Police chased them, and they played this cat and mouse game several times. In the end, people were smarter and surrounded the cops on the bridge demanding explanations from the chief of police about their reasons for stopping people’s peaceful walk. Tito’s bridge blockade lasted about half an hour after which the protesters returned to the Spanish Square, and then parted ways to meet again today.

Cops are going after the most vocal protestors individually. In Mostar, police beat up the man who started the protests there, all by himself – you can read his story hereMuharem Hindića – Mušica was hit in his leg by a cop from the special troops, “with a blunt object”. Several girls and women were also beaten in this attack.

Muharem Hindića – Mušica started the protests in Mostar, by speaking to people on the streets about the injustices they endure on behalf of the ruling elites. Days ago, he has been attacked by cops.

Why are cops increasingly violent in Mostar? „Are they trying to provoke an open conflict by any means?” It’s one of the dangers that the rebels in Bosnia and Herzegovina face: „In February, something changed irrevocably. There was an awakening of civic consciousness and civic courage, which no police brutality and systematic dissemination of misinformation by the Ministry of Interior (police), or the united forces of BiH the political class over the bought-off media managed to smother. Protests across Bosnia and Herzegovina have been running for almost a month and there is no indication that they will stop anytime soon.”

Traces of the war are still visible everywhere in BiH, after 19 years.
Pic is from Mostar.

As it is explained here the fury and anger which burst out in the first days of the rebellion clearly showed that it was not something people wanted to employ on the long run. However, it helped them create the space they needed for “more directly exercise powerful pressure on the system’s institutions and political parties.” As people learn day by day how to better use the plenums – “Just the possibility of such action alone won is a lesson that will be hard to forget” – to take back their lives from the elites which oppress them, police violence and repression is escalating. Here are details of police brutality – unprovoked – and the reason of this might predict a dire perspective, not surprisingly when elites are losing their power to control people they subjugate: Police’s orders to attack people in Mostar „can be explained only by the panic and fear of the political class (among the Croatian people) that the mass social protests will be joined by Croats too. It is evident that any use of force against citizens, any violation of their human rights will backfire into a real revolt reaction from the people, who are not willing to tolerate any criminal behavior of the police, politicians, tycoons, or anybody else. With that in mind, several questions must be asked: Are they trying, in hanging on to power, to provoke an escalation of social protest to the brink of open class conflict, by ordering the excessive use of force against people? If this is what they intend, it means they are willing to bear the consequences of such a development.” Source.

In Sarajevo, police opened the traffic towards a street which was occupied by protestors, without letting them know, and one car ran into people, injuring at least one. Witness say the driver of this car was wearing a uniform, and he came from the direction of presidency palace.

At this protest, one woman told people how police captured her, took her at the station, held her for 6 hours and beat her repeatedly. All because she dared to participate in protests. Police claims she “attacked” a cop with an umbrella, Dzemila Mujan says they are lying and showed people at the protest her bruises.

Even though cops arrested lots of people, since February 3rd, they have not managed to count the number of the people they held under arrest. They were busy with another counting: the police boss in Bosnia and Herzegovina boasted in the Parliament that between February 5th and February 20th, exactly 42.442 people participated in protests against the ruling classes, cops’ bosses. Some of these people are terrorized now by police as they are summoned up at police stations to be accused of “property damage” or even of “terrorism”, though cops cannot really explain what damage or terrorism was done to the government buildings since they are insured and there were no victims that would fit the accusation of “terrorism”.

However, cops do know, to the surprise of the demonstrators, that violent protests are to take place on March 7th. It’s another form of intimidation, not particularly smart. Source

Happy government funerals

In Sarajevo, protestors organize burials for the government and political parties, and invite everybody to write “condolences” in the Book of Joy” at their funeral.


In Tuzla, the government was buried during a street carnival organized by students and teachers of a catholic school, where they paraded the city with masks and costumes of police, criminals, fairies, elves, trumpeters, doctors, undertakers. They also carried a coffin symbolizing the government of Tuzla, as students said time has come for a real change, and passers-by cheered them. Quite a happy funeral.

People are invited to join governments’ funeral in Sarajevo and Tuzla and write condolences in “The Book Of Joy”.

Class war erupted in Bosnia and Herzegovina after police repressed a peaceful demonstration of the workers in Tuzla, demanding their jobs back after they were fired due to some “successful privatizations”. After they burnt down government buildings, people created their own open spaces – called plenums – where they forced the cantonal governments of Tuzla, Una-Sana, Sarajevo and Zenica-Doboj. They also fired the chief executives of the the Tuzla Canton (Sead Čaušević), of the Zenica-Doboj Canton (Munib Husejnagić), of the Sarajevo Canton (Suad Željković) and the President of the Assembly of the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton (Ramiz Jelovac). It’s a fight against social injustice, as well as one against ethnic divisions.


Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 7th February, 2014, two days after the people’s rebellion against the ruling classes erupted.

Since February 5th, people from almost 20 cities and towns held rallies, protest walks, sit-ins, and/or citizens’ plenums (Banja Luka, Bihać, Brčko, Bugojno, Cazin, Donji Vakuf, Fojnica, Goražde, Konjic, Maglaj, Mostar, Orašje, Prijedor, Sarajevo, Tešanj, Travnik, Tuzla, Zavidovići, Zenica.) In 8 of the 10 cantons of the Federation and in Brčko district, people have formed representative plenums. So far, these forms of struggle succeeded to put a stop to the practice of “golden parachutes” (one year of salary paid to former assembly representatives and government officials), they had the local parliament in Sarajevo, the municipal council of Cazin endorse the demands of the people’s plenum in their respective cities. People’s plenum also forced the local parliamentarians to cut down their salaries by 20 percent.

BiH, 19 years after the war. Pic is from Mostar.

The media are trying to turn the plenums into what they are not, and as the plenums are open, everyone can propose anything. It was the case when a regular participant Zvonimir Bosnjak proposed that the plenum nominates professor Besim Spahić for prime-minister, and local media immediately ran the story that the plenum already proposed someone to run the government, which was not true. Later, since everybody knew that professor would have not accepted, and he also refused, media blamed the plenum for making the proposal without even asking him first. Local media have tried to use the same tactic to discredit the plenum from Tuzla, but they were unsuccessful since people participating at these assemblies have understood the reasons media are against them.

This is an example of how the media propaganda constantly tries to undermine and attack the credibility of these public assemblies. However, people participating at these plenums say are never to propose anyone for prime-minister, since they are a tool for pressuring politicians into respecting people’s agenda and doing their jobs.

“Stop nationalism”, graffiti on a Government building set on fire during the February 3rd social protests in BiH.

Zenica is one of the most vibrant places where an incipient form of direct democracy is practised. Every day at noon, people go out protesting. They keep doing it for 25 days already. At each protests, between 300 and 500 people participate. In the past days, students have joined them too. At their plenum in Zenica, after they fired their government, they organized 10 working groups to work on 3,000 demands people put forward at the plenum.

On March 7th, the delegates from more plenums in BiH will gather in Tuzla to discuss and articulate their demands at a federation level. As this assembly is quite an important step people in BiH have taken since the start of their rebellion, police are in panic. They already started to issue threats to intimidate them, such as announcing that on March 7th there will be violent protests. People have no idea what cops are talking about since the delegates at the federation-level plenum in Tuzla will not meet to protest.


At the end of February, 2,000 war veterans of the Republic of Srpska army protested in Banja Luka, in the Serb part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, demanding that the person who represents them in the government be fired and another one elected by the people’s plenum be appointed instead. It’s very significant for the situation of BiH that war veterans accept the idea of people’s plenums, particularly since the propaganda against the BiH rebellion is huge in Srpska, as media are inventing all sorts of fears. War veterans side with people’s demands regarding social conditions, government’s corruption and nepotism, and they also demand privatizations be reviewed. In Brcko, people demanded the government to cancel „the celebration of Brcko District day” for which authorities planned to waste 100.000 euros. Governments’ funerals are the celebration they want.

“I don’t have a job because I do not have a connection to get it”. Source

“I dont have a job because I do not have a connection to get it” – this is the story of 1 in 4 people in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where, as privatizations led to more people thrown in the streets with no means of making a living, the ruling class protects their own by securing them jobs in the state bureaucracy – supported by the ever impoverished working people. It’s one of the reasons in Sarajevo and Tuzla people cheer at symbolic funerals of their governments.

In Zavidovici, a town in the vecinity of Zenica, 90 percent of the inhabitants depended on a wood factory called Krivaja, which was destroyed by privatization. People have been dumped on the street, this video is showing some of them protesting in tents, in cold, for the past two weeks, totally ignored by their authorities. In Zadovic local people also organized their plenum, where 90 percent of the participants are unemployed.


Demo in Zenica. On March 7th, the delegates from plenums from more cities will gather in Tuzla.

As Damir Arsenijevic, of the University of Tuzla writes here: The message of the protests in Bosnia and Herzegovina is clear: „the time of the ethno-nationalist elites, who stole the country’s resources, common goods and capital in the blood of war and genocide, is over. It is not accidental that the 85 wealthiest oligarchs in Bosnia and Herzegovina are collectively worth $9 billion (figures from WealthX): this ‘wealth’ was looted from Bosnian citizens, whether in the shape of passing corrupt laws to pour money into their own pockets, or the siphoning off of money from the International Community to subdue the population into compliance with ethnic criminality for fear of a return to conflict.

The citizens’ struggle is resolute—to keep the space for direct democratic participation open, to insist their voices are heard and that their actions count.”


“Local and international politicians, who in concert have maintained and allowed the parasitisation of the unwieldy and nepotistic ethnic bureaucratic structures, have exhausted the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina for almost 22 years. Out of rage and despair, the citizens, forced to rummage through dustbins to survive, forced to give bribes for basic services, have finally stood up to put an end to everyday terror of ethnic privatised slavery. The images of this slavery are thus: a worker, who has not been paid for almost 4 years, but is forced to go to work every day, with no health benefits, had to watch his wife die in agony because he could not afford healthcare; a student, forced to give huge bribes or sell her body to pass an exam, to graduate only to be unemployed and have no prospect for the future; a woman, whose son was severely beaten up by the police because he took to the street to demand the end to hunger, asked him to show his bruises to the plenum in Tuzla comprising over 700 people.”

“For over 22 years, citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina who survived the war were told that they are a ‘charity case’, that they live in a ‘black hole’, that they face a shapeless future and the best they can hope for is to ‘get by’, ‘put up with it’ and be grateful if their children are offered a chance to work in American military bases in Iraq and Afghanistan, servicing these wars. For over 22 years, ethno-capitalist elites have raped and killed, mentally and physically abused women, men and children alike in the carnage that was heralded as ‘transition into democracy’. Since the end of the war in 1995, instead of mourning the horrific losses, citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina have been forced, by local and international actors alike, to accept that they can only speak and act if they embrace the status of victims, off the backs and bodies of whom the ethnic elites can steal their riches.”

“The protests created, for the first time, a chance for Bosnia and Herzegovina to move from melancholia to mourning: that is, to face the losses and start counting the gains from the war. Ours is life that has survived war and genocide; has survived the feeling of deep mistrust whilst expecting some salvation. Ours is life that has been brutalized by the corrupt privatization of public companies, life that only dreams of fleeing this country, life that knows that its only certainty is that it can die in solitude and hunger. This is the life we have to recuperate – to create anew more humane and social ties that offer the youth of this country a fruitful, and not a featureless future. And it is this life that in agony and pain gives up on mistrust and works hard to produce and practice a different future now. How do I know this? I am part of this life and every day, I remind myself to get up and go to the streets to protest, to keep the body-politic, in public space, moving and practising that future—because this is our only chance of staying alive.” Source.

So, Are you crazy enough to change BiH?” Protestors have created a page where they invite people everywhere to answer this question – yes, they were called “crazy” and “terrorists”. Some “terrorists” indeed these rebels are. Here it is: Crazy Enough To Change Bosnia.

Article available in croatian


NATO Protesters Stand with the NATO3, Respond to The Chicago Tribune’s War on Dissent



It is simply factually dead wrong for the Tribune to assert that “city officials went to great lengths to facilitate [protesters’] right to assemble” during the May 2012 NATO protests. In fact, protesters had to battle for months for the right to protest — including against Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s infamous “sit down and shut up” ordinance. And hundreds of protesters who were kettled and assaulted by police on May 20, 2012 would flatly dispute the Tribune’s characterization of that calculated police violence as ‘turning the other cheek.’


Activists also learned more during the NATO 3 trial about what many had suspected — that Emanuel and police superintendent Garry McCarthy have stewarded the full-bore reinstatement of the city’s infamous Red Squad. Under Emanuel’s and McCarthy’s watch, police squandered untold public dollars to spy on constitutionally protected activity and position undercover cops as agent provocateurs to entrap protesters in ‘crimes’ wholly incited and manufactured by those undercover cops. And that spying has not ended. One of those officers involved in surveilling and infiltrating NATO protest efforts joined a volunteer health care project as a volunteer street medic — and was still spying on activists a year later.


It also bears noting that among the ‘masked agitators, dressed in black’ in the run-up to the NATO meeting were the two undercover officers at the heart of the NATO 3 entrapment: Nadia Chikko and Mehmet Uygun. One would have to be asleep at the switch — or an apologist for state repression — to assume there was not the same sort of police endeavor underway during the protests themselves.


But Judge Thaddeus Wilson adamantly insisted that issues related to First Amendment concerns would not be aired in this trial — in effect, guaranteeing that the police overreach and abuse at the heart of this manufactured case would never be disclosed to the jury and the public.


The Tribune has never asked Emanuel, McCarthy or States Attorney Anita Alvarez how much the investigation, incarceration and trial of the NATO 3 has cost the taxpayers. More broadly, the Tribune has never asked the City of Chicago for an honest accounting of what it cost taxpayers to police the NATO summit in real dollars. That’s a remarkable lapse by a newspaper known for its persistent drumbeat to account for — and cut where possible — public dollars for vital front-line public services that range from public health to public education.


The Tribune’s shrill call to lock up the NATO 3 and throw away the key mirrors a longstanding tradition of the paper’s editorial board. The Tribune invoked the same cry for blood more than 125 years ago in the Haymarket 8 case, when its editors at one point offered to pay jurors for a guilty verdict against those defendants. Four were executed on November 11, 1886.


Today, the Tribune has embraced that same unprincipled extremism — by endorsing police policies that create crimes where none exist and derail the fundamental right to dissent unmolested by police agent provocateurs and law enforcement spies. Totalitarianism is informed by a state strategy to dirty up and derail public opposition to government policy. Anita Alvarez, Rahm Emanual and Garry McCarthy have been happy to embrace this sort of despotism. And the Tribune has cosigned it.


Individual signatories:


Bill Ayers, Distinguished Professor of Education & Senior University Scholar (retired), University of Illinois at Chicago


Babur Balos, Occupy Chicago/Rogers Park, Overpass Light Brigade/Chicago


Brian Bean, Occupy Chicago Direct Action Committee, Summit Working Group, CANG8


Father Bob Bossie, SCJ: The Priests of the Sacred Heart


Tom Burke, Committee to Stop FBI Repression


James Cox, Radicals Against Discrimination


Sister Kathleen Desautels, SP, NATO Mobilization Peace Guide


Mike N. Durschmid, Rising Tide Chicago, NATO-Green Bloc Alliance, Organic Consumers Association


Vince Emanuele, IVAW – Iraq Veterans Against The War


Frank T. Fitzgerald, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology, College of St. Rose


Chris Geovanis, NATO Independent Media Center


Matt Ginsberg-Jaeckle, Mental Health Movement/Chicago


Donald Goldhamer, Chicago Committee to Defend the Bill of Rights


Eldon Grossman, Veterans For Peace


Dylan Hayworth-Weste, Food Not Bombs/Pilsen


Pat Hunt, CANG8 — Coalition Against NATO/G8 War & Poverty Agenda


Joe Iosbaker, CANG8


Mike Kalas, Multikulti


Terry Keenan, Occupy Chicago


Marilyn Levin, UNAC — United National Antiwar Coalition


Joe Lombardo, UNAC


Gregory Malandrucco, Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression


Andy Manos, NATO protest organizer


Kait McIntyre, Anti-War Committee – Chicago


Matthew McLoughlin, Occupy Chicago


Alan Mills, Legal Director, Uptown People’s Law Center


Jason Page, Multikulti


Sister Dorothy Pagosa


Ray Parrish, Vietnam veteran, veterans’ rights activist


Rachael Perrotta, NATO Protest Press Team Coordinator


Micah Philbrook, Occupy Chicago Press Committee


Barry Romo, Vietnam Veterans Against The War


Dick Reilly, CAM — Chicago Action Medical


Zoe Sigman, NATO protester


Arny Stieber, on behalf of the Chicago Chapter of Veterans For Peace, ChicagoVFP.org


Jess Sundin, Committee to Stop FBI Repression


Andy Thayer, co-founder, GLN — Gay Liberation Network, CANG8


Danielle Villarreal, NATO protest logistics coordinator


Rachel Unterman, NATO protest press liaison


Natalie Wahlberg, labor organizer, NATO protest spokesperson
Bosnia Hit by Third Day of Protest Unrest

Clashes erupted as protesters took to the streets across Bosnia for a third day and set fire to a government building amid demonstrations sparked by anger over economic hardship.

Vedran Jahic, Elvira M. Jukic

Tuzla, Sarajevo

Around 7,000 people rallied for a third day on Friday in the Bosnian town of Tuzla, seizing and setting fire to the cantonal government building, while clashes with police also erupted in the capital Sarajevo as protests spread around the country.

Clouds of dark smoke rose over the burning building after protesters forced back hundreds of riot police in the northern industrial town which has become the focus of public unrest over Bosnia’s dire economic situation and high unemployment.

“I have been on the unemployment register for seven or eight years now. I want to work but cannot get a job because I am not politically connected. That is why I want to see changes,” a 30-year-old protester in Tuzla, who gave his name as Nusret, told BIRN.

Clashes also broke out in Sarajevo when around 3,000 demonstrators confronted riot police outside the cantonal government building, chanting: “We want change!”

Some of them threw stones and firecrackers at police while others held up pictures of demonstrators allegedly attacked by officers in Tuzla.

“Every one of you has their own problem with these authorities,” one protester shouted through a megaphone.

Smaller demonstrations were also held in Banja Luka and Bihac, while further protests have been announced in a series of other towns across Bosnia and Herzegovina.

More than 200 people have already been injured in the unrest since the protests began in Tuzla on Wednesday.

The rallies were initially led by workers angry about factories that closed after failed privatisations, but demonstrators in Tuzla on Friday also called for the government to resign.

Bosnian Federation Prime Minister Nermin Niksic held an emergency government meeting late Thursday and called for an end to the violence.

“Everyone has the right to gather publicly and peacefully express their dissatisfaction, but no one has the right to violent behaviour, endangering security and destroying property,” Niksic said.

Tuzla hospital said that 140 policemen and 40 civilians were injured in Thursday’s second day of unrest in the town, where protesters clashed with police who fired tear gas in an attempt to disperse demonstrators throwing stones and eggs at the cantonal government building.

Adis Nisic, spokesperson for Tuzla hospital, said that the total number of injured had exceeded 200 in the two days of protests, after 30 were injured on Wednesday.

Tuzla Canton interior ministry said that a total of 20 people were arrested on Thursday but all were released after being questioned.

The first day of protests on Wednesday was led by several hundred redundant workers from large industrial companies in Tuzla which collapsed after they were privatised, who are demanding compensation and the reimbursement of healthcare and pensions payments.

But the protests have since turned into a more general expression of discontent about tough economic conditions across the country, where the official unemployment rate is 27.5 per cent.

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Ukraine Riots – The New Cold War


news  The laws which were passed on January 16th showed that the faction of the ruling class which now control the government is ready to install a reactionary bourgeois dictatorship on the model of the Latin American regimes of the 1970s. The “dictatorship laws” criminalize any protest and limit the freedom of speech. After dystopian laws were enacted, protestors seized the capital. “Dear subscriber, you are registered as a participant in a mass disturbance.” That’s a text message that thousands of Ukrainian protesters spontaneously received on their cell phones as a new law prohibiting public demonstrations went into effect. It was the regime’s police force, sending protesters the perfectly dystopian text message to accompany the newly minted, perfectly dystopian legislation, which further ignited riots. A peaceful protest in Ukraine has grown violent over the past 72 hours as police and government agents are responding to protesters with incredible brutality. The Government in Ukraine has shown incredible force against once peaceful protesters who are now promising to “attack” if the president does not step down.

In the morning of January 23, the number of the killed constituted newsfrom 5 to 7 persons. The Ukrainian government has killed and tortured protesters, and just recently approved the use of water cannons in cold weather. Death squads are also in action. Special forces are also using pinpoint firing against protesters, and not only from traumatic guns. It has been reported that protesters are disappearing from hospitals; According to confirmed information, two people were kidnapped from a hospital and tortured, one activist, Yuri Verbitsky, was later found tortured and killed in the woods near a protest. Another protester who was killed, according to a photo of his body, was shot in his heart – a victim of a sniper.

It’s not just Kiev engulfed in the flames of protests, demonstrations are going on in many other Ukrainian cities. In some of them (mostly cities in western Ukraine) protesters have attempted and even been successful in seizing local administration buildings. Protesters, who seized the Trade Unions Building and Kiev’s mayoral office, have “a fair quantity” of guns. Ignorant Anti-Semitic violence has begun with beatings, by the purge of Nazi supporters coming out of the chaos. On January 25, Ukraine’s president offered the opposition leader the prime minister post, in a show of desperation to quell riots, but no one cares.

While protests rage in Ukraine, globalists prepare for Davos and the World Economic Forum. Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov won’t be attending Davos however, as the organization ’disinvited’ him, the official stance suggesting it is due to the chaos raging in his home country. The destabilization has connections reportedly to John McCain, George Soros and pro-EU agenda – U.S. political energy interests. The Davos rejection may be less about protestor deaths and more likely about Ukraine’s refusal to work with the IMF and it’s energy deals with Russia.

As Ukraine’s revolution seeks justice, John McCain’s pro-EU movement rebels are causing chaos igniting further civil war in the nation. McCain’s ‘movement’ for a pro-NATO government is creating chaos. Russia is targeted to relieve its powers as the ‘War on Terror’ and Global Revolution march onwards. Other protests, angry with the big banking cabals, have pointed financial terror organized by the Rothschild banks to rip Ukraine apart. By well orchestrated and foreign backed insurrections all over the country, Ukraine is prepared to “negotiate” ; the surrender of her National Sovereignty.

The cold war is not over as far as U.S./NATO are concerned. This is another attempt by the imperial West to destabilise Russia’s allies (Syria, Iran, Georgia, Ukraine etc) so that Russia can eventually be encircled and contained by U.S./NATO friendly countries. This is also the purpose of the U.S./NATO missile defense shield that W. Bush pushed for to fulfill the PNAC agenda. On top of it all, Obama’s Syria War failed to ignite the regional war that was required, as NATO Chief General Wesley Clark exposed publicly. The West is in no position to criticize the democratically elected Ukrainian government. Remember what the U.S. government did to the mostly peaceful Occupy Wall Street protesters? They were violently rounded up, arrested and labelled as terrorists. The protests were quashed. Individuals associated with the movement are under surveillance in the expanding police state.

Police in Kiev face serious challenges, as nothing can justify the vicious beatings documented. Ukraine has said NO to the EU once. Now look what’s happening… The problem is hate. Fear. Anger. False Ego. Greed. Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan, and Libya have fallen to central bank invasions, collapse, and drone bombings. Bush’s AFRICOM division has expanded across Africa. Egypt’s Revolution ended after the U.S. armed and financed the military coup takeover. Revolutions have sparked across South America in Mexico, Brazil, Chile… Nations everywhere are at war. We are living in war and so many are acting like its just another day. That is the problem…. What is happening in Ukraine is very important. End this madness. Save the world and end war. Evolve and don’t look back.

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European anarchists are warning about the wave of protests in Ukraine. According to reports, those involved are almost all neo-Nazis, along with people from middle / upper class and party of the extreme right. Unlike the first wave, this does not have the participation of workers and ordinary citizens or even people from political orientation left or anarchist.


working class style

Autonomous Workers Union Statement on the Current Political Situation:

The laws which were passed on January 16th showed that the faction of the ruling class which now controls the government is ready to install a reactionary bourgeois dictatorship on the model of the Latin American regimes of the 1970s. The “dictatorship laws” criminalize any protest and limit the freedom of speech; also, they establish responsibility for “extremism”. Parliamentary mouthpieces of the class dictatorship of corrupted bureaucracy and monopolist bourgeoisie are the Party of Regions and the so called “Communist” Party of Ukraine which has long ago become a political force serving interests of capital.

The Ukrainian repressive system leans on the police apparatus and street gangs of pro-government stormtroopers. Sometimes such paramilitary structures are commanded by retired police officers. Death squads are also in action. According to confirmed information, two people were kidnapped from a hospital and tortured. One of them died in a forest. Special forces use pinpoint firing against protesters, and not only from traumatic guns. One of the killed, according to a photo of his body, was shot in his heart. According to all indications he was a victim of a sniper. In the morning of January 23 the number of the killed constituted from 5 to 7 persons. And we don’t know the real scale of violence.

The ideology of the ruling regime is a mixture of Putin-style nationalism, conspiracy theories and conviction in their right, as elite, to rule over stupid populace. Groups of support to Berkut (the main riot police force) in social networks are full of anti-Semitic articles which claim that the opposition leaders are Jews and want to vitiate the people by legalizing same-sex marriages. This hardly differs from the rhetoric of Ukrainian right radicals.

Over the last days not only the far right confront the government, but also people of more moderate views. And they constitute the majority of the protesters. Many of them are indifferent to nationalism or negatively predisposed to it. Many of them don’t support integration into the EU. People go into the streets to protest against police violence. And a significant part of them is unenthusiastic or even skeptical about the clashes in the Grushevskogo street. Often one can hear that right radicals are a “Trojan horse” of Yanukovych and special services, designed to discredit the protest. Certainly there would be many more Kievites participating in the protests if there was a way to take those idiots useful to the government out of the streets. Top of their demands is to give them jobs in the Security Service of Ukraine after the “victorious revolution”.

Anarchists ought to participate in demonstrations and pickets which are dedicated to defense of the rights and freedoms usurped by the laws of January 16th. It makes sense to take action at one’s workplace or neighborhood and to help sabotage the dictatorship’s decisions. There’s not much sense in participating in the activities in Grushevskogo street, which were meaningless from the very beginning. These activities only give the government pretty picture for television and enable it to identify radical elements by locating mobile phones and videotaping.

In the case of the opposition’s victory, as well as in the case of the government’s victory we’ll have to wage long and hard war against any of those regimes. This should be understood. We need to gather forces in order to start dictating our own libertarian and proletarian agenda in Ukrainian politics.


No gods, no masters! No nations, no borders!


Autonomous Workers’ Union, Kiev local

January 23, 2014



11 arrested in protests in Madrid in solidarity with # Gamonal.


YESTERDAY in Seville, the SEVILLAN@S  United to BURGOS : “you are not alone, missing prisoners,” “We are all Burgos”, “Sevilla will be the tomb of Franco”,  etc… were around 100 people.

The Picture of Spain: Image of the arrest, Madrid afternoon of January 15. # GamonalResiste

Police have arrested a member of the Fire Department in Madrid after the incidents on Wednesday after the departure of support to residents of Gamonal, who has toured the streets of the Centre of the capital. The arrest took place in the Barbara of Braganza street of Madrid where Fire Department worked to turn a burning container.



Workers in Serbia occupied city municipality

Workers of “Želvoz”in Smederevo, Serbia occupied city municipality and confront the police.