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Athens: 1.2. announcement from the occupied Polytechnic School in Exarchia

Athens: First announcement from the occupied Polytechnic School in Exarchia, 1/12/2014


As of today December 1st, 2014, the Athens Polytechnic School is occupied so as to become another centre of solidarity and commitment to the struggle of anarchist hunger striker Nikos Romanos (since 10/11/2014), as well as the rest of the comrades who are on hunger strike in solidarity with Nikos – Yannis Michailidis (since 17/11), Dimitris Politis and Andreas-Dimitris Bourzoukos (since 1/12).

Nikos Romanos has been held hostage by the State since February 1st, 2013, after the double expropriation of a bank branch and the ELTA post office in Velventos, Kozani. His act is part of the polymorphous anarchist struggle against all those responsible for the pillaging enforced by the State and the Capital on the entirety of society.

The political choices of Nikos Romanos and his militant commitment to the struggle mark a continuation of the December 2008 revolt. He is struggling for a world without Power, without exploitation and bosses.

The struggle of the hunger striking prisoners for a breath of freedom, against the savagery of incarceration and the ever-increasing repression of the prison system (e.g. suspension and denial of furloughs, widespread use of solitary confinement, construction of new Type C maximum security prisons), goes side by side with the struggle of all repressed people against the subordination and the ravaging of our lives.

This occupation intends/aims to lend characteristics of an open, massive and combative focus of struggle to the liberated ground of the Athens Polytechnic School, alongside any other instance of fight that is directed towards vindicating the claims of Nikos Romanos (educational day release from prison) and towards the social liberation case in general.




Assembly of the occupied Polytechnic School

Athens: Second announcement from the occupied Polytechnic School after Exarchia riots, 2/12/2014

On the 2nd of December 2014, a demonstration took place in solidarity with anarchist comrade Nikos Romanos, prisoner on hunger strike since the 10th of November, demanding the granting of educational furloughs. Today’s march saw participation of thousands of people, some of whom later headed for the occupied Polytechnic School.

For us, the occupied ground of the Athens Polytechnic School is not a value in itself. On the contrary, it is yet another piece on the mosaic of dignity and resistance against all those who want to turn society into a graveyard. It is a piece on the mosaic of resistance against the modern-day totalitarianism that spreads its power over our lives; from the anarchists who have gone on a hunger strike, the mobilizations against maximum security prisons, and the hunger strikers from Syria, to all those who are fighting for dignity and freedom across the world.

We call on everyone in struggle to take any necessary initiative towards the vindication of hunger striker Nikos Romanos: from faculty occupations, to production blockades; from breaches of the media omerta, to attacks against the guardians of order.

Let’s rise to the challenge of our time in the face of state repression, contrary to rationales that want us to remain passive spectators and voters. Uncompromising solidarity with Nikos Romanos, who is on hunger strike since 10/11, and hunger strikers in solidarity Yannis Michailidis (since 17/11), Andreas-Dimitris Bourzoukos (since 1/12) and Dimitris Politis (since 1/12).



Assembly of the occupied Polytechnic School
Athens, 2/12/14

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Bosnia Hit by Third Day of Protest Unrest

Clashes erupted as protesters took to the streets across Bosnia for a third day and set fire to a government building amid demonstrations sparked by anger over economic hardship.

Vedran Jahic, Elvira M. Jukic

Tuzla, Sarajevo

Around 7,000 people rallied for a third day on Friday in the Bosnian town of Tuzla, seizing and setting fire to the cantonal government building, while clashes with police also erupted in the capital Sarajevo as protests spread around the country.

Clouds of dark smoke rose over the burning building after protesters forced back hundreds of riot police in the northern industrial town which has become the focus of public unrest over Bosnia’s dire economic situation and high unemployment.

“I have been on the unemployment register for seven or eight years now. I want to work but cannot get a job because I am not politically connected. That is why I want to see changes,” a 30-year-old protester in Tuzla, who gave his name as Nusret, told BIRN.

Clashes also broke out in Sarajevo when around 3,000 demonstrators confronted riot police outside the cantonal government building, chanting: “We want change!”

Some of them threw stones and firecrackers at police while others held up pictures of demonstrators allegedly attacked by officers in Tuzla.

“Every one of you has their own problem with these authorities,” one protester shouted through a megaphone.

Smaller demonstrations were also held in Banja Luka and Bihac, while further protests have been announced in a series of other towns across Bosnia and Herzegovina.

More than 200 people have already been injured in the unrest since the protests began in Tuzla on Wednesday.

The rallies were initially led by workers angry about factories that closed after failed privatisations, but demonstrators in Tuzla on Friday also called for the government to resign.

Bosnian Federation Prime Minister Nermin Niksic held an emergency government meeting late Thursday and called for an end to the violence.

“Everyone has the right to gather publicly and peacefully express their dissatisfaction, but no one has the right to violent behaviour, endangering security and destroying property,” Niksic said.

Tuzla hospital said that 140 policemen and 40 civilians were injured in Thursday’s second day of unrest in the town, where protesters clashed with police who fired tear gas in an attempt to disperse demonstrators throwing stones and eggs at the cantonal government building.

Adis Nisic, spokesperson for Tuzla hospital, said that the total number of injured had exceeded 200 in the two days of protests, after 30 were injured on Wednesday.

Tuzla Canton interior ministry said that a total of 20 people were arrested on Thursday but all were released after being questioned.

The first day of protests on Wednesday was led by several hundred redundant workers from large industrial companies in Tuzla which collapsed after they were privatised, who are demanding compensation and the reimbursement of healthcare and pensions payments.

But the protests have since turned into a more general expression of discontent about tough economic conditions across the country, where the official unemployment rate is 27.5 per cent.

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Occupation of Minvest Deva headquarters in Romania

Today, the 3rd of February 2014, we, citizens of Romania and Germany have occupied Minvest Deva headquarters in order to draw attention at the illegal and illegitimate favoring of mining companies by the Romanian state authorities.

We denounce the cyanide based mining projects from Certej, Deva-Muncel, Băiţa Crăciunești, Brad, Rovina și Roșia Montană, projects that have destructive effects towards nature and humans and can only start with no regard of legal procedures. Only at Certej, in 16 years of operation 26.448 tons of sodium cyanide and 15.280 tons of copper sulphate would be used. Large-scale cyanide use does not bring prosperity to a community, only death and the impossibility to develop other economic activities. We denounce deeds that reek of corruption, conflict of interests and abuses of Nicolae Stanca, current director at Deva Gold. He has signed, in the name of the Romanian state, the associating documents between Minvest Deva and Gabriel Resources in 1997, then being employed by the controverted businessman Frank Timis.

We condemn the government’s intention to bring forward to the parliament a new mining law, we condemn the irresponsible and undignified attitude of the Minister of Environment, Rovana Plumb, and ask for her resignation. We warn prime-minister Victor Ponta that a new attempt to pass the mining law with absurd stipulations that only serve the interests of the mining industry will not remain without consequences. In his urgency and pressure on the parliamentarians to make forced expropriation of citizens by private companies legal he is doing exactly the opposite of what the public opinion wants. As the events of last year have demonstrated, illegitimate support of mining companies is not backed up by parliament (two legislative attempts have failed last year), nor by the tens of thousands of people that have gone to the streets in 2013.

Last but not least, we wish to draw attention to the total abandon of morality by political people such as Dan Șova or Rovana Plumb. Dan Șova, from the government table proposes legal solutions for mining projects of his mother’s law clients. Cyanide-based projects are then passed to be evaluated to his colleague minister, Rovana Plumb, who will do anything to see them approved, including dropping charges in court.

We ask the citizens of Romania to inform themselves correctly about the many drawbacks of mining projects and remember the horrible ecological accidents at Certej in 1971 and Baia Mare in 2000. We do not want such tragedies to be repeated! We show our solidarity with movements around the world that struggle against such destructive mining projects: Kremnica (Slovakia), Halkidiki (Greece), Corcoesto (Spain), Salave Asturias (Spain), Bergama (Turkey), Kumtor (Kyrgyzstan), Talvivaara (Finland).

Respect existence or expect resistance!
Romania without cyanide!

Foto credit: Denisa Nistor și Alex Lupea

Live update pe mobil: http://goo.gl/RnJUsl
Live update pe Vice: @MinvestDevaLIVE

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