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[Greece] January 21st 2017: Action Day in solidarity with Revolutionary Struggle

The poster reads:

“I am a revolutionary, and I have nothing to apologize for.

Terrorists, criminals, robbers are those who compose the economic and political life; the institutions and governments that, through the memoranda, are waging the most violent, the most heinous attack on the social base in the name of a “way out of the crisis.” Terrorist, criminal, robber is the State and Capital; those whom I fight committed with all my soul to armed struggle, to Revolutionary Struggle; those whom my organization has targeted all these years of our activity.

(…) when the economic and political establishment attacks the social majority in the most merciless way, armed struggle for social revolution is a duty and obligation; because that’s where hope lies and nowhere else. The only hope for a definitive way out of the systemic crisis we are living in this historical period, for a definitive way out of every crisis. It is the only hope towards overturning capitalism, the system that gives birth to crises; the only hope towards overturning the State and Capital.

It is the only hope for an armed counterattack of the social base against a system that crushes them.

It is the only hope towards overthrowing the State and Capital; for Social Revolution.

For a society of economic equality and political freedom for all.”

Pola Roupa

“I am an anarchist, member of the armed revolutionary organization Revolutionary Struggle. The only terrorists are the State and the Capital.”

Konstantina Athanasopoulou

Demonstration in solidarity with Revolutionary Struggle members

Saturday January 21st 2017 at 12:00 in Monastiraki (downtown Athens)




Solidarity Assembly (Athens)

Full text of callout in Greek.

source: contrainfo

Text of imprisoned anarchists in solidarity with the comrades on hunger and thirst strike – Koridallos prison, Athens – Greece
This morning 5.1.17 two anarchist comrades K.A and the member of Revolutionary
Struggle Pola Roupa are caught by the cops.
Comrade Pola fell in their hands having her son with her, who they
separated from his mother and are keeping him in the juvenile
Behind the screams of the crows of tv and the laurels political
superiors expect for their “new success”, hides the callous brutality of
the state mechanism. Both towards the comrades who we know very well
what methods of psychological and physical violence they are
experiencing right now, but especially against the 6year old child they
are using as leverage.
No one should doubt where their vengeance could reach in this war. The
only obstacle can be solidarity. Solidarity on a political as well as on
a human level, against the mental torture of a young child who they
interrogate and deprive him of his familiar environment.
Left and right wing scumbags who are now in the political administration
of the capitalist machine, do not even think about continuing this
That stuff about institutionalizing the 6 year old child will remain in
the dirty mouths of the blackmailing cops and interrogators.
Immediate satisfying of the demand of the hunger and thirst strike by
anarchist P.Roupa and N.Maziotis.
Give the child to his relatives right now.
Solidarity to those who do not bow the head.
War against authority until social revolution and anarchy.
Dimitris Politis
Panagiotis Aspiotis
Giannis Mihailidis
Antonis Staboulos
Andreas-Dimitris Bourzoukos
Tasos Theofilou
Giorgos Karagiannidis
Alexandros Mitrousias
Grigoris Sarafoudis
Argiris Dalios
Fivos Harisis
Nikos Romanos
Grigoris Tsironis
Marios Seisidis
Kostas Sakkas
Giorgos Petrakakos
Spiros Christodoulou
Translated by Act for freedom now


Athens: 1.2. announcement from the occupied Polytechnic School in Exarchia

Athens: First announcement from the occupied Polytechnic School in Exarchia, 1/12/2014


As of today December 1st, 2014, the Athens Polytechnic School is occupied so as to become another centre of solidarity and commitment to the struggle of anarchist hunger striker Nikos Romanos (since 10/11/2014), as well as the rest of the comrades who are on hunger strike in solidarity with Nikos – Yannis Michailidis (since 17/11), Dimitris Politis and Andreas-Dimitris Bourzoukos (since 1/12).

Nikos Romanos has been held hostage by the State since February 1st, 2013, after the double expropriation of a bank branch and the ELTA post office in Velventos, Kozani. His act is part of the polymorphous anarchist struggle against all those responsible for the pillaging enforced by the State and the Capital on the entirety of society.

The political choices of Nikos Romanos and his militant commitment to the struggle mark a continuation of the December 2008 revolt. He is struggling for a world without Power, without exploitation and bosses.

The struggle of the hunger striking prisoners for a breath of freedom, against the savagery of incarceration and the ever-increasing repression of the prison system (e.g. suspension and denial of furloughs, widespread use of solitary confinement, construction of new Type C maximum security prisons), goes side by side with the struggle of all repressed people against the subordination and the ravaging of our lives.

This occupation intends/aims to lend characteristics of an open, massive and combative focus of struggle to the liberated ground of the Athens Polytechnic School, alongside any other instance of fight that is directed towards vindicating the claims of Nikos Romanos (educational day release from prison) and towards the social liberation case in general.




Assembly of the occupied Polytechnic School

Athens: Second announcement from the occupied Polytechnic School after Exarchia riots, 2/12/2014

On the 2nd of December 2014, a demonstration took place in solidarity with anarchist comrade Nikos Romanos, prisoner on hunger strike since the 10th of November, demanding the granting of educational furloughs. Today’s march saw participation of thousands of people, some of whom later headed for the occupied Polytechnic School.

For us, the occupied ground of the Athens Polytechnic School is not a value in itself. On the contrary, it is yet another piece on the mosaic of dignity and resistance against all those who want to turn society into a graveyard. It is a piece on the mosaic of resistance against the modern-day totalitarianism that spreads its power over our lives; from the anarchists who have gone on a hunger strike, the mobilizations against maximum security prisons, and the hunger strikers from Syria, to all those who are fighting for dignity and freedom across the world.

We call on everyone in struggle to take any necessary initiative towards the vindication of hunger striker Nikos Romanos: from faculty occupations, to production blockades; from breaches of the media omerta, to attacks against the guardians of order.

Let’s rise to the challenge of our time in the face of state repression, contrary to rationales that want us to remain passive spectators and voters. Uncompromising solidarity with Nikos Romanos, who is on hunger strike since 10/11, and hunger strikers in solidarity Yannis Michailidis (since 17/11), Andreas-Dimitris Bourzoukos (since 1/12) and Dimitris Politis (since 1/12).



Assembly of the occupied Polytechnic School
Athens, 2/12/14

source 1, 2.

Greece: 20k Students Protest on Polytechnic Uprising Anniversary



ATHENS, Greece — More than 20,000 demonstrators have joined a rally in Athens marking the 41st anniversary of a deadly student uprising against the country’s former dictatorship. More than 7000 riot police have been deployed and several confrontations have already taken place today.

In Greece schools have been occupied for a week,  on the 13th the rector of Athens University was locked and guarded with the same riot police standing guard that attacked the demonstration on Wednesday bloodying the heads of two students.

After an entire day of protests and events attended by 10’s of thousands who demonstrated without any major incident, Greek police began a brutal crackdown.  Police attacked with teargas, sound grenades and batons injuring at least 7 protesters and two Vice-Gr journalists who were both sent to the hospital for care. 73 people were detained and 10 arrested. The videos below document the police violence. Many protesters did try and remain calm and continue with marches despite violent police while others retaliated and resisted the police assault by throwing stones and even molotovs.

In Athens Greek motorbike cops beat man unconscious, then leave him helpless in the street.


Text from Nikos Maziotis, member of the Revolutionary Struggle, concerning the event at Athens National Technical University on “Armed War, Revolutionary Movement and Social Revolution”

Also see: Announcement of K*VOX occupied space, Exarxia, Athens.

On Friday 17th, October there was a public political event held in the National Technical University of Athens, from the comrades of the Vox Social Center, onArmed War, Revolutionary Movement and Social Revolution, during which I was going to speak through the phone from Diavata prison, as a member of the anarchist organization Revolutionary Struggle.

This public political event intended to highlight the huge value of the armed struggle, as an inextricable part of the struggle for the overthrow of the capital and the state, its inseparable connection with the revolutionary movement, the necessity of the armed social revolution under the current conditions, when the system is still in crisis and is illegitimized in the eyes of the society and by the people’s majority. Let me remind that a similar public political event was held on October 9th from the comrades of Terra Incognita squat in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, where I had talked through the phone.

One day before the event in the National Technical University in Athens, one of the most known executioners of the Greek people, one of the most zealous submissives of the super-national elite and creditors and fans of the political and social genocide applied in order the capital system to be rescued and a parliamentary representative of the New Democracy, Adonis Georgiadis, asks for an intervention so as the event in the NTU where I was going to speak from the Diavata prison to be forbidden.

In fact, after a political intervention, an order was given to the direction of the Diavata prison and, in particular, to the director Stavropoulos and the warden Valsamis, so as the 8 telephones of the prison’s ground floor where I am detained, were to be switched off, in order for me not to be able to make a phone call and speak to the Athens NTU. The telephones of the prison’s ground floor were switched off from the midday opening of the prison, from 2.15 to 7.45 when the prison is locked for the night, illegally depriving the right of not only for me but for about 200 prisoners as well, to make a phone call. At first, the wardens claimed that the telephones were damaged. The same things were also claimed by the warden Valsamis to the 4-member prisoner’s delegation in which I took part too. In front of the prisoners I answered to him that he was lying and that the deprivation of the right to communicate is illegal. The warden’s response was to terrorize and put pressure on the prisoners not to come in touch with me and not to enter my cell because this is illegal.

This in not the first time that the warden Valsamis has called prisoners into his office in order to interrogate them on what they are talking about with me, or press them not to have any communication with me. At last, the warden Valsamis confessed to a representative of the Albanian prisoners of the ground floor with whom he had a private discussion in his office that he had an order to switch off all the telephones for three hours and he threatened at the same time that in case the prisoners kept protesting, he would put the MAT ([riot] unit for the rehabilitation of order) in prison.

At last, their “democracy” proves to be scared despite their claiming the opposite. Their democracy makes prophylactic policy movements of political censorship just as the fascists regimes do. Because, as Revolutionary Struggle has said, the current regime is a fascist one. We have lived for years in the fascism of Troika, of the International Monetary Fund, of the European Commission and of the European Central Bank. We live in the the fascism of the economical super-national elite. We live in the fascism of the Greek Quisling governments, which bow to the markets and the creditors of the super-national elite.

This action of their switching off the telephones of the Diavata prison’s ground floor so as I am not able to speak proves that the regime is afraid of the Revolutionary Struggle. For 12 years the Greek regime, the Greek state, the local and super-national elite, the political system is afraid of the Revolutionary Struggle. They are afraid of its actions, afraid of its words. They are afraid of its powerful political messages it sends out. They are afraid of the Revolutionary Struggle’s call to the people, for the subversion and the revolution. They are afraid of the Revolutionary Struggle’s call for the creation of a movement which will try out a subversion of Capital and the State. They are afraid of the destabilizing actions of the Revolutionary Struggle which are aimed against the economical and the political system. They are afraid of the prisoners who are members of the organization, they are afraid of me, who is an injured prisoner, with my right hand broken; a one-hand-disabled in fact. However, as the comrade Pola Roupa said through the interventional text she sent to the October 17th event, “besides the number of bullets they are going to shoot us with, we are not going to bend”.

The regime has admitted at least two times to be afraid of the Revolutionary Struggle, it was once in 2010 when we were arrested one day before the signing of the first Memorandum, when they claimed that “A big terrorist attack will end the economy within a few hours” and now with the arrest of the anarchist comrade Antonis Stamboulos, when the Minister of Public Order stated that “The national effort for the termination of crisis for the country significantly requires the consolidation of a security environment, both on a local and on an international basis. The ensuring of that is a national duty and a primary priority of the government”, directly connecting the Revolutionary Struggle’s actions with the destabilizing role they can play. The same thing happened the previous April with the attack to Mario Draghi’s, the Central European banker’s department, to the Supervision Department of the Bank of Greece, where the office of the representative of the IMF in Greece was also accommodated.

The event of the October 17th, despite the fact that I wasn’t able to speak, was held with success, with the participation of hundreds of comrades. Of an equal success was the event in Thessaloniki in October 9th too. Whatever they do, they won’t manage to shut our mouths. Besides the number of bullets they are going to shoot us with, what they prove is that they are afraid of us, besides the number of counter terrorist laws they are going to create, what they prove is that they are afraid of us. Besides the number of maximum security prisons they are going to build, what they prove is that they are afraid of us. They are going to be afraid of us, even when we are dead. Let me assure them, that the comrades will get the words and the political messages I want to send, in October 31st when the event is going to take place again, in the NTU in Athens.

Nikos Maziotis
Member of the Revolutionary Struggle
Diavata prison


Greece: Gestures of solidarity with anarchist prisoner Antonis Stamboulos

Anarchist Antonis Stamboulos, currently incarcerated in Larissa prison, is conducting a hunger and thirst strike since October 6th, 2014, demanding his immediate transfer to Koridallos prison in Athens. Below are just a few of the recent gestures in solidarity with the comrade:

On October 4th, anarchists distributed texts and spray-painted and shouted slogans in the neighbourhood where Antonis Stamboulos was arrested, in Vyronas, Athens. On the same day, a banner was placed at Orologiou Square in the city of Veria: “War on cops, judges, journalists, bosses – Solidarity with anarchist revolutionaries – Strength to anarchist Antonis Stamboulos, arrested on 1/10 in Athens.” Also in Thessaloniki, comrades put up a banner in the district of Triandria, which read: “Do do not expect us to bow down – Solidarity with revolutionary A.Stamboulos.”

                                        (Triandria, Thessaloniki)

On October 5th, anarchists carried out another solidarity intervention, in the proximity of his parents’ house which was raided by police, in Maroussi, Athens.

                                        (ASOEE building, Athens)

On October 8th, supporters dropped a banner at the main entrance of ASOEE faculty on Patission Street in Athens, which read: “Strength to Antonis Stamboulos, on hunger and thirst strike since 6/10 – Against statist illusions.”

On October 9th, two solidarity banners were hung from an overpass on Chamosternas street near Petralona in Athens. Another banner, 15 meters long, was dropped from an overpass on Veikou Avenue in Galatsi, Athens: “State and Capital the only terrorists – Solidarity with anarchist hunger & thirst striker Antonis Stamboulos – Demonstration on October 11th from Monastiraki Square, at 12:00.” On the same day, a group of anarchists interrupted the regular broadcast of Kokkino 105.5 radio station in Athens to inform listeners about the comrade’s situation. Meanwhile, a morning solidarity gathering was held outside Koridallos male and female prisons, including a protest in front of the prisoner transfer unit’s office in the same area.

                                    (Chamosternas St., Athens)

                                          (Veikou Av., Athens)

                                     (Koridallos prisons, Athens)

On October 10th, anarchists symbolically occupied the ESIEA building in Athens (the headquarters of the Journalists’ Union of the Athens Daily Newspapers). Additionally, anarchists and anti-authoritarians from faculties of health sciences dropped a banner from a building of Athens Medical School. At the same time, in the city of Patras, comrades gathered outside the local prisoner transfer centre, located in Gounari Street, to express their solidarity with the hunger and thirst striker. In Kavala, anarchist comrades placed a banner reading: “We will not let the scumbags of antiterrorist police and the politicians crush the fighters – Antonis Stamboulos conducts hunger and thirst strike from 6/10” and another one reading: “Solidarity with Antonis Stamboulos, on hunger and thirst strike since 6/10.”

                                        (Athens Medical School)

                                       (Kavala, northern Greece)

In the city of Arta, supporters did flyposting and hung their own banner: “Solidarity with anarchist, hunger and thirst striker, Antonis Stamboulos – Not even an inch of ground to the classist enemy.”


Over the past few days, several other actions such as PA’s gatherings, solidarity presence outside the courts, assemblies, etc. took place in different cities. Furthermore, comrades who are imprisoned in Greece have released statements in solidarity with Antonis Stamboulos.

Solidarity is our weapon!


Greece: Statement by anarchist Antonis Stamboulos, detained in Athens police headquarters

“police headquarters, politicians and newspapers; different names, same swine”

“police headquarters, politicians and newspapers; different names, same swine”

On October 1st, 2014, I was arrested, hooded and taken to an interrogation room of the antiterrorist unit. From 5pm until 1am, a bunch of hooded cops – and while I was handcuffed behind the back – took my DNA sample, fingerprints and (tried to take) my photographs by force, amid ironies, chokeholds, sprains and beatings, and threatened to electroshock me, thinking this would make me collaborate. At 1am, I saw unhooded cops for the first time, who told me that I am accused of terrorism. Until 5.30 in the morning, I remained in a 1×3 holding cell, always handcuffed behind my back. The next day they attempted to photograph me once again.

For my part, I abstained from food and water from the first moment, and demanded to speak with a lawyer. After 24 hours of detention, they eventually allowed me to notify a lawyer, and I managed to meet with her just for a few minutes before being brought to the prosecutor.

I share the above with fellow combatants as a small experience of struggle.

Whether or not the attitude of the State towards us is mild or harsh – this always depends on circumstances – it can never break us, so long as we are conscious of the responsibility that derives from our position as anarchists, in moments of adversity.

Hard times in the struggle are those that temper us with strong consciousness. In these circumstances, each of us upholds the ideals of the society we are fighting to build. A lot of blood has been shed in the struggle for emancipation from the classist society, and therefore only fools would expect us to bend in the face of any bullying of cops. I held a negative stance against the efforts of statist lackeys to extract my personal data for two reasons. First for the sake of my own values, as I believe every anarchist revolutionary should not give even an inch of ground to the classist enemy. And second because I was aware of the gravity of the case in which I am being implicated, so I wanted to protect my comradely and friendly environment from the crows holding me captive. While the Clouseaus were unable to find out my name, I was not at all willing to give it to them. At the time of this writing, two days after the arrest, the police have “finally” identified me.

It is clear that the officers of the antiterrorist squad and particularly their political superiors hoped to make a scoop out of my arrest, hence the leaks to the Press regarding the notebook containing “precisely-timed routes”, targets, bicycles and sausages.* They tailor their made-up story to fit their scenario; a scenario that, in the end, must always make them come out as winners.

The police and prosecutors have no business knowing what I did, who I am and why I was where I was caught; it’s really not their concern but mine. Therefore, I don’t need to offer an apologia to guardians of the bourgeois legality, but only to the revolutionary movement, the comrades and the people who choose not to live like a raya (slave).

I consider this first communication with the outside world to be necessary, since I am under no illusions that I won’t be sent to pretrial incarceration.

For now, I’m being held captive in the hands of servants of the Capital, but my heart still belongs to the camp of revolution.

The struggle continues.
Long live the revolution.
Long live Anarchy.

Antonis Stamboulos
from the PQ on 173, Alexandras Avenue
early on October 4th, 2014

* Translators’ note: While the comrade – who was arrested in the district of Vyronas, Athens – was still unidentified, the chief of police publicly claimed that one of the most striking “findings” were handwritten notes deemed code words for explosives.


Athens: Shots fired at the facade of the squatted social centre VOX on June 3rd, 2014

‘Residents/workers/collectives united we resist mafias and drugs. Thursday, June 5th at 18:30: demonstration in the neighbourhood; popular assembly in the square. Meeting point: corner of Spyridonos Trikoupi and Stournari streets. –Committee of Exarchia residents’ initiative’

In the early hours of Tuesday, June 3rd, at about 02:30, unknown people fired at least 5 shots at the main entrance of the squatted social centre K*VOX. Two of the bullets pierced the outer metal blinds, shattering the glass front entrance door. [Photos: 1, 2.] Luckily, at the time, no comrade was inside the squat.

Lately, the K*VOX —along with residents, collectives and fighters from the neighbourhood— has taken a series of initiatives to act against the mafia gangs and the drug trade in Exarchia, which is carried out with the police’s tolerance and cover-up.

On Wednesday, May 28th, a massive assembly was held in order to discuss all of the aforementioned, with the participation of neighbours, workers and collectives of Exarchia. It was decided to initiate a circle of actions against mafias and their statist protectors by creating a popular assembly in Exarchia and realizing a gathering-demonstration on Thursday, June 5th.

We believe that the shooting at the K*VOX, two days before the said gathering and demonstration, is a desperate attempt by drug traffickers —who, in collaboration with the police, want to turn the area into a ghetto— to intimidate the movement and the local community.

It is worth mentioning that, 12 hours after the incident, the bullet casings from the assault against the squat were found and collected by us. Besides, the same thing has happened after shootouts between mobsters in the area, when the casings were picked up by local residents, since the police —who collaborate with the mafia branches— demonstrate a provoking inertia in all such cases.

From the first day of its existence, the K*VOX has opposed the alliance between the mafia and the police in Exarchia, as well as the ghettoization of the area. Oftentimes, comrades of the K*VOX have been targeted by police, mafias, and a large part of the mass media, because of their activity. Furthermore, not long ago, three comrades from the K*VOX were summoned as suspects and brought in the Athens police headquarters, the sole evidence against them being an ‘anonymous phone call’ that linked them to an anarchist intervention [by a heavily armed group that appeared in the square on Saturday, March 22nd, 2014] in Exarchia against trafficking.

They have failed to terrorize us by the police invasion in the occupied building (April 2012), the raids in our homes (January 2014), the summons (April 2014), and the constant threats against us; so now, bullet shots of dastard gunmen were put into action.

The movement refuses to be terrorized by any of the above.

We call the people in struggle and solidarity to attend the gathering-demonstration in Exarchia square on Thursday, June 5th by 18:00.





Greece seeks deportation of Eritrean on hunger strike!

Detainees of B wing Larisa prison inform of their solidarity to the fellow detainee Mohamad Hamid from ERITREA, who has been held for DEPORTATION for 10 months (from end of criminal sentence) and who is ON HUNGER STRIKE SEEKING RECOGNITION OF POLITICAL ASYLUM.

Detainees of B wing Larisa prison inform of their solidarity to the fellow detainee Mohamad Hamid from ERITREA, who has been held for DEPORTATION for 10 months (from end of criminal sentence) and who is seeking political asylum. They add that from Wednesday 5 March 2014,fellow detainee Mohamad Hamid is on HUNGER STRIKE .. after his supposed release date of 8 May 2013 and is held now for 10 months on the assumption that he cant be released because he will be deported to Eritrea, and as Eritrea has no embassy in Greece there can be no facilitated legal proceedings to enable his deportation! It must be noted that the HUNGER_STRIKER IS IN POOR HEALTH with many problems. He has already SUBMITTED APPLICATION AGAINST DEPORTATION ORDER AND ASKED FOR ASYLUM WHICH WAS REFUSED. There follows text from his co-detainees which is not rewritten here: source: statement of detainees on B wing Larissa prison https://athens.indymedia.org/front.php3?lang=el&article_id=1519088 >but to say: >the highest recognition rate (for asylum) concerns: … Eritreans (83,3%) http://infomobile.w2eu.net/2013/12/05/statistics-new-asylum-service-greece-2013/ >It is believed that any deportation attempt, and costs of holding him are financed by the European Union, with possible additional funding provided by EEA grants program of Iceland Norway Liectenstein, countries unaffiliated byu immigration networks (EU). http://ec.europa.eu/dgs/home-affairs/financing/fundings/migration-asylum-borders/return-fund/index_en.htm eeagrants-iomathens-soam.gr/χρήσιμοι-σύνδεσμοι/?lang=en http://eeagrants.org/News/2013/Voluntary-return-for-850-irregular-migrants > There are countries people return to (Afghanistan, Syria) and there are countries people escape FROM (North Korea, Eritrea) > Article 13 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (proposed): “Everyone has the right to leave any country including his own, to live, work, mix and marry, and to return to his country or to move on to any other country.”
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