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Statement of anarchist guerrilla Pola Roupa – Starts hunger and thirst strike 05/01/17 after arrest


I Panagiota (Pola) Roupa declare that I was and will be until I die an unrepentant enemy of the system. They have now put the child in the middle of this war and they punish him in order to get revenge against me. They have kidnapped my child and I don’ t know where he is since our arrest in the early morning.
We are at war, it is true. But them fighting against my child, by not allowing me or other close relatives to see him and by threatening to send him to an institution, is the most despicable act in this war. Those who are in the state apparatus are worms because they are fighting against a 6 year old child.
And I want to state that I have now begun a hunger and thirst strike to demand that the child is given to my mother and my sister. As for me I will remain the enemy until I die. And I will never yield. Long live the revolution!
Pola Roupa, 5/1/17
Act for freedom now notes:1547004433_7a4d5d742d_o
In the early morning hours of January 5th 2017, two Revolutionary Struggle members, fugitive comrade Pola Roupa and anarchist Konstantina Athanasopoulou were captured at a southern area of Athens. Anti-terrorist cops raided a hideout with Pola and her six-year-old son inside, while Konstantina was arrested in another house nearby.
After being forcibly removed from his mother, Lambros-Viktoras Maziotis Roupas—the small son of Revolutionary Struggle members Nikos Maziotis and Pola Roupa—is being held captive inside a children’s hospital in Athens guarded by cops…
In response to this, three Revolutionary Struggle members—Nikos Maziotis, the recaptured comrade Pola Roupa and the newly arrested Konstantina Athanasopoulou—have undergone hunger and thirst strike since January 5th, demanding that the six-year-old be immediately placed with his aunt and grandmother.
Konstantina’s statement:
“I am an anarchist, member of the armed revolutionary organization Revolutionary Struggle. The only terrorists are the State and the Capital. I refuse to eat and drink anything until the child of my comrades Pola Roupa and Nikos Maziotis is delivered to relatives of theirs.
Konstantina Athanasopoulou”


Strength to comrade Panagiotis Aspiotis from Network of Combative Prisoners – DAK (Greece)

On February 6th, anarchist comrade Panagiotis Aspiotis is transferred
from Navplio prisons allegedly to Koridallos prisons. In reality they
transferred him to the isolation section of the metagogon (transfer
detention cells bulding). A bit later it became known that the comrade,
while having his arms tied up behind his back, got attacked by the
cowardly hooded thugs of the anti-terrorist force who seriously injured
him during but also after the reason for their visit which was no more
than to extract a DNA sample. Later the comrade was transferred to the
hospital for exams.

The whole story of the comrades’ transfer was a well-staged trap by the
mechanisms of the police and the ministry of justice, who for a while
now were looking for a way to extract a dna sample from him. We would
like to remind that the comrade did not give a dna sample when he was
first arrested since there was a pause in police brutality and violent
extraction, with the clarification in the law that the sample must be
extracted “without violating the dignity of the accused” and “with the
presence of an expert who the accused designates”. This clarification
was made after the hunger strike of the political prisoners
(2/3/15-18/4/15) as a middle ground solution to the demand to forbid the
violent extraction of dna samples, one of the many demands that were
won, each on a different level. This legal glitch was violated during later arrests through
the intervention of the special prosecutors and
interrogators and the special authority the exclusion legislations
(187A) give them. It is also important to remind that the prosecutor in
Grevena had demanded the extraction of dna samples by the hospital of
that city while the comrade was held in prison there.Then comrades were
informed in time in order for them to intervene to a possible torturing
that would take place in the hospital. Solidarians but also medical
staff were on standby but the transfer did not take place after the
comrade refused. Thus after a few months the state, with secretary
general of the ministry of justice Eftihis Fitrakis and special
interrogator Eftihis Nikopoulos as the frontmen, delegates the job to
the anti-terrorist force by setting up the suitable trap for the
torturing to extract a dna sample from the comrade.

The state once more violates its own laws with unprecedented ease.
None of us has the illusion that laws can function as guarantees of freedom no matter how
progressive they are, since they are still laws of the state, rules for
the functioning of a structure that is naturally oppressive therefore
hostile. Especially when their function limits the oppressive ease, they
are placed in the “to-be-modified list” or are bypassed from the windows
or are systemically violated. In this case there is a small obstacle
that limits one of the main weapons of oppression that is the arbitrary
use of dna as incriminating evidence, which was violated blatantly and
with excess violence.

In the hunger strike we had also defined the limitation of use of dna as
a target, exactly because we know what an important piece of
false-evidence it consists in the way its used. Its only use is to hold
comrades in prison as long as possible. From the first moment of that
struggle it became evident that no conquest will be a given and the only
way to maintain our ground is continuous revolutionary anti-state and
anti-capitalist battle. This is confirmed once more today.

Someone accused irrelevantly if they are an anarchist or not has every
reason to refuse the extraction of dna. The labs of EL.AS (greek police)
are kitchens for cooking up cases and false-scientific proof of
evidence. We have seen this in all trials, where without evidence only
with a dna type that resembles that of the accused, the indictment is
evidenced. Cops, whether they wear a white apron or a hood are the same
protection dogs of the industrialists, shipowners, channel owners and
politicians. They are all accomplices in every torturing of a person.
The scumbags of the antiterrorist force and the police are worthy
descendants of Mallios and Babalis* in the times of a left coalition
government. We wish them that their career ends in the same glory.

Those of us who fight have acknowledged that the state continues
regardless if it’s managed by the right or the left. Those who are in
positions of authority must in turn acknowledge that the war from those
below also continues and is consistent.

The neoliberal leadership of Syriza completes the social looting the
previous governments left half completed. They pass in the social
insurance law which will finish off, among other things, the small
producers and redistribute the pie for the benefit of the
farming-industrial capital. They reinforce the banks with cash from the
support packages and tie the economy even tighter on them with most
recent indicative adjustment the mandatory use of plastic money
inaugurating a society of absolute control. They decrease the labour
costs in any way possible trying as they say to create an environment
friendly towards investments, that is to say slave workers, landless
farmers, favela neighbourhoods. In the field of foreign policy the state
remains a member of NATO, the relations with the apartheid state of
Israel and the junta of Egypt are strengthened and they take on the role
of the mercenary border-guard of the E.U. New immigrant concentration
camps are opened to manage the flow the E.U. itself created to a great
degree. In the frames of domestic oppression let’s not forget the
invasion of the riot cops in the occupied deanery building in Athens and
the arrest of the fighters who stood in the way of the extermination of
the imprisoned hunger strikers. With a left government for the first
time an ambush and torturing by the police is set-up against a comrade
who is already a prisoner. The EKAM (greek special forces) enter and
exit the prisons again and the prisoners are transferred and held in the
metagogon in disgusting conditions.

The left management can allegedly do all that could not be carried out
by the governments of classic social-democracy and the right wing
because of social reactions. This is their use, which however is
deteriorating very fast. Through delegation and within the system there
is no future. The solution for the problems caused by capitalism can
only come from revolutionary subversion and horizontal social
organization. The destruction of the state mechanism, the expropriation
of the wealth of the state, church and bosses and its self-management.
Only in this way will there be an end of the looting of nature, our
lives and the lives of our children.

The incident of torture of our imprisoned comrade is one more attack
against those who do not bow the head and as such it deserves similar
responses in the frames of the multiform struggle against the state and

Network of Combative Prisoners (DAK)

*Both Mallios and Babalis were cops-torturers during the junta in
Greece, Mallios was executed by the “17November” organization in
December 1976 and Babalis was executed by the “June 78” organization in
January 1979.
Translated by Act for freedom now!


Operation “Pandora” [Spain]: A text by some of the arrested anarchist comrades
From: RadioAzione
Translated by Act for freedom now!
To our people, to all comrades known and unknown who embrace anarchist ideas and all those in solidarity and interested.
The morning of 16 December [in Barcelona] a large deployment of police raided neighbourhoods Sant Andreu, Poble Sec and Gracia, Manresa, Sabadell and Carabanchel di Madrid, entering our homes shouting “Police!” and after meticulous searches, arrested 11 of us. At the same time the Ateneu Llibertari of Sant Andreu, the anarchist Ateneu of Poble Sec, Kasa de la Muntanya and the homes of some friends, were raided without there being further arrests.
When the police got tired of rummaging, recording and collecting supposed clues, we who were arrested in Catalunya were taken separately to different police stations outside Barcelona, with the aim of hindering any gestures of solidarity, and 48 hours later we were transferred 600 km to the Audiencia Nacional in Madrid. After long hours of waiting during which you could cut the mutual hostility with a knife, four comrades were released with other precautionary measures and we 7 were put in preventive detention without bail on charges of creation, promotion, management and belonging to a terrorist organization, destruction and possession of explosives and incendiary devices.
We perceive this latest repressive strike as an attack on anarchist ideas and practices, at a time when the State needs internal enemies to justify a series of increasingly repressive and coercive measures to reinforce the existing forms of totalitarianism. With the discourse of the crisis and insecurity as a background, we have witnessed the intensification of border controls, racist raids, evictions, hetero-patriarchal violence and the exploitation of labour and a long etcetera that manifests itself in increasingly miserable conditions for most people.
These cold walls we are now locked inside hide the smiles that appeared on our faces when we learned that family, friends and comrades spent hours and hours in front of the police headquarters and at the Audiencia Nacional, taking care of us despite the cold and the distance. Similarly, it fills us with joy to know that there was a big combative demonstration of solidarity in Barcelona and also elsewhere, gestures that fill us with strength and courage to deal with this situation with dignity.
We send a greeting, always fighting, always fraternal, to Francisco Solar, Monica Caballero, Gabriel Pombo Da Silva and all and the indomitable who beyond imposed boundaries and despite imprisonment, oppression and hardship, do not put down their heads and continue to make bold the struggle. Our hearts are with you.
Now and always death to the State and long live Anarchy.
Some anarchists under the backlash of Operation Pandora.
Madrid, end of 2014
Mexican Anarchists Federation about Ayotzinapa School slaughtery: “bloody State Repression against students”

Mexico Anarchist Federation/Federación Anarquista de México

– To fellow students and teachers at Country Normal School “Raúl Isidro Burgos” Ayotzinapa, Guerrero:
– To Relatives of the dead and kidnapped from the Country Normal School “Raúl Isidro Burgos”
– To the people of Mexico:
– Comrades:

The bloody state repression against the Normal School Rural “Raúl Isidro Burgos” students in Ayotzinapa, Guerrero, 26th and 27th September 2014, murdered 6 companions, and 20 wounded 43 students missing. The killers were the Borought, State and Federal polices, supported by the Mexican Army. All three, Boruoght, State and Federal governments have conspired to carry out and cover up the infamous State crime.

Our hearts are sore, it hurts the deaths of our brothers. It hurts the absence and forced disappearance of our peers. We grieve the pain of the relatives, classmates and teachers from the Normal Rural Schoorl “Raúl Isidro Burgos” of Ayotzinapa, Guerrero. 

We are outraged and rebels against the pain, death and the forced disappearance of our Ayotzinapan brothers.

Fellow Rural Normal School “Raúl Isidro Burgos” their pain is our pain, their rebellion is our rebellion. We embrace as embraces a brother in arms.

            Living were taken, alive we want them back!

Anarchist Federation – Mexico, October 2014.


Source-Portal Oaca vía LA TARCOTECA Contrainfo: Anarquistas de México sobre la masacre de Ayotzinapa: “sanguinaria represión estatal contra los estudiantes”


Don’t Mourn. Organise. | Edinburgh anarchist statement on the referendum result

Re-blogged from Edinburgh Anarchists.

Yesterday Scotland voted against independence. Today half the country are mourning, their hopes of a new state and it’s social democratic promise dashed. The other half are relieved, if perhaps not enthusiastically celebrating, the potential uncertainty removed; things will persist as before.

We neither mourn nor celebrate. The scaremongering of the No campaign would likely have proved largely unfounded. So too would the promises of the Yes campaign. In reality our lives would have continued mostly as they did before in either event. We will trudge to the same jobs we hate along the same roads, through the same congestion on the same expensive transport. We’ll do so so we can pay our wages back to the capitalist class in the same shops, to pay rent to the same landlords and mortgages to the same banks. We’ll take our kids to the same schools with the same education system, when we’re ill we’ll wait to use the same hospitals. We’ll escape our jobs to the same parks, beaches, museums and pubs.

An independent Scotland would in most respects have resembled the Scotland of the UK, a patriarchal, capitalist, environmentally destructive society. A country with the most unequal land ownership in the developed world – where 50% of the land is owned by just 432 individuals. A country dependent on North Sea oil for much of its exports – oil that must be left in the ground to prevent climate catastrophe. A country with huge poverty and huge wealth and little in the way of organised working class action to change that dynamic.

And in so continuing to uphold the same institutions, the same structures of power, the same business interests, and the same political configuration, our fight against the state, capital and oppression continues.

Social movements

It has become popular amongst some on the pro-independence to claim that even in defeat politics has been radically altered. People are engaged with politics for the first time, turnout was 85%. A new broad popular social movement is born, the referendum was never about a vote for the Nationalists (capital N1). The campaign they built to push for independence will now re-orient itself against the Scottish and British governments and push for material concessions, emboldened by how close they came and bringing newly radicalised people with them. But a high turnout in itself tells us very little of what will come next, the complacency that we have already changed politics is dangerous.

Leaving aside the tactical mistake of offering the SNP the support they wanted to pass the referendum and then hoping to win concessions rather than making those concessions a precondition of support, this seems at best an optimistic prediction, which is far from certain to be realised. It is highly probable that the movement built to advance a radical case for independence will fail to maintain the unity it has shown pre-referendum in a post-referendum situation. A new left unity party (perhaps Left Unity itself) seems likely to form out of the Radical Independence Campaign and will have to compete for votes with the Scottish Green Party. The disintegration of the SSP last decade bodes ill for the lasting chances of that configuration. If the parliamentary left can regain even the position it held from 2003-2007 it will have done exceedingly well (in its own terms).

Undoubtedly many from the radical independence movement will want to maintain extra-parliamentary organisation, though how much of it is truly independent of the parliamentary parties will be an open question. But as with the referendum itself elections have a tendency to draw activists away from direct struggle and towards themselves however good peoples’ intentions are. Perhaps the most debilitating effect of the referendum campaign was its draw away from other, more meaningful, sites of struggle – the boycott workfare campaign, anti-deportations and pro migrant work, environmental organising and so on. Of course, that is not to say that no independence campaigners continued their engagement with these causes, but no one has unlimited time and energy to contribute, and that expended on the referendum could have been better placed elsewhere.


As the independence referendum moves into the past, other issues may start to regain their prominence. Foremost must be the commitment of politicians in Westminster and Holyrood to continuing extraction of Scotland’s share of North Sea oil.

The independence debate was consistently shaped by the prospects for oil production and how the proceeds will be distributed. Even where criticism did exist and a call for a “green new deal” was made, the focus was to argue for renewables. Whilst greater use of renewable energy is to be welcomed, it is far from sufficient. As Jason Moore has highlighted energy revolutions of the past have always been additive and substitutive. Market logic plus intervention for renewables will only give us both renewables and fossil fuels. As alternative grow fossil fuels prices will fall and maintain their use alongside. Real decarbonisation of society requires the fuels be left in the ground and their value written off.

You cannot build a “green” capitalism. You certainly cannot create it in time. There is too much money invested in fossil fuels– in drilling, in mining, in fracking. The ruling class will never voluntarily give up this wealth, or allow it to be simply voted away. “To survive we must act now” and “couple bleak reality with the utopian impulse” to demand a complete transformation of our society2.

An independent Scotland would have relied heavily on fossil fuels – not least to maintain currency reserves and a positive balance of trade. The extraction of North Sea oil will instead continue to prop up the UK’s trade deficit. As part of a larger economy that dependence may now not be brought as clearly to the fore. But that reliance must be exposed, and it must be broken. That will be an expensive and difficult task, but one which we have no choice but to take up – there will be no future for Scotland or the UK if we do nothing. We must create the movement which makes that possible. Too much time has been spent on bourgeois constitutional questions while the rich consolidate their wealth and power, impose austerity and hardship and leave the planet to burn safe that adaptation will be good enough for them.

So tonight, drown your sorrows. Take time to regain your energy and when you’re ready come back to join us. The better society that had been pinned on independence doesn’t need a new state. Keep talking to your neighbours and your workmates. We have a world to win and only our own working class self-activity and organisation will secure it.

1. We’ve discussed previously the obfuscation of “good” and “bad” nationalism and the left’s claim that independence has nothing to do with nationalism. In our opinion both yes and no campaigns de facto represent competing nationalisms, whatever their intentions to the contrary.

2. Goodbye to the Future – Out of the Woods.


New movement – NGO “Anarchists”

About Anarchists along the Balkan, antifascist movement and problem of „civil society-antifascism“*

After february upriseing in Bosnia there were several problematic issues and divisions among the movement that created two sides,among which comrades play with the word anarchism. First of this example was article published in Sabotage media about Libertarians from Bosnia (Sarajevo). After communication problems and split among the anarchists in media struggle mainly because of different views about Ukraine crisis, and the unadvisedly and carelessly signs of support of right forces, from several people that belongs to group “Slobodari”, Another group or wave seems to be close to plenums that were occurring in many cities in BIH after of February and close to antifascist movement which is diverse and colorful with many individuals who are again close to funds and NGO-s (that is one of things that “Slobodari” criticized about plenums.)
Since there were massive posts and critics on social networks against “Slobodari”, we will not here deal with Slobodari more closely, but with one part of their critizers-NGO sector-“anarchists”.

We write this for the wider audience not for this comrades who knows the situation.
Let’s take a look more carefully at the development of this organizations and streams in Bosnia, and wider in ex Yugoslavia. “Slobodari” and “Antifascist action of Sarajevo”, are cooperating from the start separately and independent from Antifascist organisation of BIH, but with some coordination and participation in the same protests (also with many NGO-s). It is visible that “Slobodari” were so emphasized with critic of NGO sector in Bosnia which is getting a large amount of money from European Union .Their critic was based on article of Crni Blok The NGO Sector: “The Trojan Horse Of Capitalism”**and direct insight on double standards of capitalist neoliberal ideology of many NGOs that are involved in protests and alternative organisations to the state political parties and state unions.

This is one example of their critic. “Kako CIA djeluje kroz NVO”. They published this article that expose all big organization and list of their account numbers (with exact amounts of money each organization receives ). At the other side, on social networks started war against Slobodari, and their non-politically correct and provocative behavior, writings, and media coverage,  started with the state media  publishing controversial video with Bosnian anarchists support of Ukrainian people. (17.03.2014). This video is not available in public now but there is short transcript on website. ( is bosniak pro nationalistic website).
This is one section from an article about Protests in BIH, that speaks about this chaotic media war in Bosnia, from

“Political correctness and nationalist arguments
Let’s not beat around the bush, that’s an understatement intelligence of the individual, say openly and honestly about what this is really about. This situation is very similar to a situation in the USA: Conservatives across America despise President Barack Obama, no you do not like him from the first day since he entered the White House. As reasons anything stands out – the economy, foreign policy, domestic policy, statements, bill of health, etc.., However, what is the real reason for so much animosity of one part of the American public against the President? The above mentioned reasons are examples of this beating around the bush, pointed political correctness; the real reason is often the only one: Barack Obama is black.

Few of them will admit that it is a “reason”, moreover, most of them will deny even tell stories of how they actually tolerant, progressive, liberal … Of course, human hypocrisy is not a new phenomenon. Similarly we have when it comes to Bosnia and Herzegovina – some are able to force all possible theories just to avoid recognition of the obvious – that they are essentially nationalists and they fear that the revolt is directed against some of their, again, national, interest.

Some will add an “argument” that in BiH can not discuss the social issue rather than resolve the “national question.” To whom is essentially a national issue? Well the name says – the nationalists. For those of internationalist worldview key issues are quite different.

Does this mean that the protests in BiH are completely devoid of national and political significance, and are completely focused only on social? Of course not, claim to be “just this” or “only that” once again return to the senseless “black / white” understanding of current events”
(Revolucionarni koraci otporni na nacionalističko-medijski teror i direktna demokracija građana BiH putem Plenuma: izbijanje političke moći iz ruku vladajuće klase, 02. 2014)

“Antifascist action of BIH” and Mostar are close to NGO Abrasmedia, that was recognized honorary the most successful NGO in last year. (Link for this is missing).This is the place where plenums in Mostar occurred too, and where occurs Anarchist bookfare and Antifascist fest this year.
Bosnia like other ex Yu countries  isolated and violated protectorates and colony of European Union in the palace yard of EU, they were and are polygon, range of NATO, EU, US, UK military and deadly politics.
We are in deep concerns about what kind of future to imagine, when many would embrace Europe like they grab their funds and they are not aware of what EU is-wolf under the guise of a lamb, “protector” of the “immature” population that is not capable to take care of themselves. (?!)This is making their own position weak and inconsistent, making them more slaves… ridicules the fight!
Stay away from politics and protests or stay away from EU funds and political parties!
Message for NGOs in Bosnia: Stop all projects with Europian Union! You are not at the same side with unemployed and miserable people in the fight, like you are presenting yourselves.
by Anonymous

*By civil society antifascism we mean here mainly about NGO sector organisations that are useing EU funds for projects, and organisations and individuals who are involved in political struggle with reformistic, pluralistic, parlamentary and  inconsistent methods


TURKEY: Revolutionary Anarchist Action’s (DAF) Statement about the Soma miners.

Killed by the state – Our sorrow is the seed of our rage

The fire that appeared in the coal mine in Manisa-Soma on 13th of May, became one of the biggest massacres in these lands. With the fire, hundreds of coal miners were poisoned by intensive carbon monoxide. The number of the workers who have died, increased every hour. The minister of energy, minister of labour and the prime minister tried to hide the real number of miners who have died while declaring that “it was a sad work accident”. The prime minister declared that “these kind of accidents could happen anytime.”


While thousands of people were waiting near the mine and trying to get news ffrom their relatives who were in the coal mine, the ambulances, funeral vehicles and cold storage vehicles showed the gravity of the massacre. The number of dead miners increased; 78, 151, 245, 282…

And the number is increasing. The ones who are responsible for this massacre, are trying to legitimate the “deaths” by saying “this is destiny”. There are protests around the whole coutnry. People are in the streets claiming that it is not destiny nor an accident, it is a massacre by the state and companies.


On 14th May, police attacked the people who protested the creators of this massacre. The state and its armed forces thought they could prevent this anger with plastic bullets, tear gas and gas bombs. But the ones who are in the streets shout together: “Murderer state.” Image

State officials and bosses of the energy companies are claiming that they are mourning. But they are the murderers who forced the people to work hundreds of meters under the surface for gaining money to live. They are the murderers who forced people to work in such condititions where death is inevitable.

We are sorrowful for the ones who were murdered in the mines by capitalists and the state. We are in the street with anger against these murderers. We are not mourning, this is rebellion. Our sorrow is the seed of our anger!

Revolutionary Anarchist Action (DAF)




Berlin: Arson attack on Santander bank branch
On the night to March 6, 2014, we set fire to a Santander bank branch in Neukölln, Berlin. We destroyed a windowpane and ignited a delayed-action incendiary device. We dedicate this action to the captured and murdered by the capitalist system in Chile and Spain.
First off, to Tamara Sol and Sebastián Oversluij Seguel:
‘On the morning of December 11, 2013, anarchist comrade Sebastián Oversluij Seguel was shot dead in Pudahuel, a suburb of Santiago, during an attempted bank robbery. A private security guard of Banco Estado killed the 26-year-old with six gunshots. Since then, there were numerous reactions from the anarchist movement on this murder. On January 21, 2014, comrade Tamara Sol Farías Vergara walked into a branch of the same bank in the centre of Santiago, and opened fire on the guard while she cried out: “Revenge!” Then, she is said to have taken the security guard’s weapon. Shortly thereafter, she was arrested. Tamara refused any cooperation with the authorities, and is held in preventive detention.’
(excerpt from an article in German about Chile’s Day of Combatant Youth)
‘Complicity’ video was released from the movement, on the murder of Sebastián and the retaliatory action that Tamara is charged with.
Recently (on February 3, 2014), the Vergara Toledo family from Villa Francia, Santiago, expressed themselves in an open letter regarding the arrest and current situation of Tamara.
Since the assassination of Sebastián, Alfonso Alvial and Hermes González are held in preventive detention.
In addition, we would like to mention Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar. After an operation launched by Chilean and Spanish authorities, they are incarcerated in Spain before trial; both were already prosecuted in Chile in the Caso Bombas construct.
Greetings also to the accused in the Caso Security (Chile), and to activists in Barcelona that, like us, consider banks suitable for solidarity actions.
Santander, as the largest bank in the Spanish-speaking world, is responsible for forced evictions and warranties for arms deals. This is also a good reason for us to see the fights here and there as our common struggle. Institutions that put the Capital before human life will always be targets of our attacks.
Commando Sebastián Oversluij Seguel

by actforfreedom

Concerning the murder of Ilia Kareli -Greece

Translated by Act for freedom now!

Concerning the murder of Ilia Kareli
The war is raging.
As long as the world of authority buries people alive in the dungeons of the prisons, there will be moments of insurrection and disobedience which will return the violence to the rulers. Just like that moment when a prisoner, Ilia Kareli, after 16 years of incarceration and repression, transformed his desperation into rage and turned his knife against a human guard. A human guard who now the means of mass deceit project his hagiography, silencing the fact that he was a torturer who when the prison system chose to show its toughest face, it favoured the expression of his sadistic rage on the bodies of the prisoners with imaginative ways, such as whipping prisoners with electricity wires.
The dogs of authority made sure they avenged the death of the human guard in a way they know well: torturing to death. Ilia died from internal bleeding after repeated beatings by cops and human guards. We could not expect anything better from the tools of the regime. But the responsibility is also on those who reproduce the propaganda of the Media about the unfairly lost family man human guard, participating in the festival of covering the tortures inside the prisons specifically but also the hated social role of the human guards generally.
The bet is to break, with words and actions, the monologue of authority which was peaked with one more state murder.One more murder which the fourth authority rushed to attribute to known unknown “unspecified circumstances”, even to pathological reasons, in a desperate attempt to bury the stench of the corpse-eating democracy of capital.
Just like so many other “mysterious” deaths of people, the names of which we learnt after their deaths. Just like Katerina Goulioni or the recent example of Esso Shakram Haitam in Grevena prisons.Those “natural” deaths which come to sit next to some other, slow, daily and torturing deaths inside the cemented routine of correctional brothels. There where people are hurt in the timelessness of prison…
People who get sick in their loneliness’s, who “go crazy” in the sounds of the biggest quietness…
People-numbers, fooled in the fairytale of delusion, paying with their blood the drugs sold by the correctional shop.
People buried in the disciplinary cells, forgotten in their sentences, and EXHAUSTED by transfers and isolations.
People who carve on their large sentences and the years of their incarceration the dreams of a short free future…
 On the ashes of the prisons, the small or big moments of disobedience which carve scars on the allegedly unscathed face of the correctional service, on the cut bars and dug up tunnels…

There where revenge will carry the gathered HATE from every humiliation, torture or murder…

Initiative from the network of anarchists and fighting prisoners of koridallos and avlona
Letter sent to the ministry of Justice from the 1st wing of Koridallos prisons:
To ministry of Justice,
We the prisoners of the 1st wing of Koridallos prisons today Friday march 28th 2014 refuse the prison food because of the cowardly murder of our fellow prisoner Ilia Kareli. You speak of a state of justice but you are a state of murderers. It goes to show that it was one more matter of revenge for the ministry of justice and the minister in question.
Congratulations once more for the state of justice you allegedly have. We pay our crimes with life sentences and long convictions.
We await the answer of the minister of Justice for our murdered fellow prisoner Ilia Kareli.
Prisoners of the 1st wing of Koridallos prisons.
Letter from the female and male prisons of Koridallos
We the prisoners of Koridallos prisons tonight March 28th 2014, remain outside our cells for one hour after lock up time because of the brutal murder by beating of our fellow prisoner Ilia Kareli. This is the first blood spilt in the prisons before the upcoming new legislation for the C type prisons and the abolishment of all our rights. The blood has painted the hands of the minister of Public Order Dendias and the minister of Justice Athanasiou who want to build the greek Guantanamo and are ethical perpetrators of this murder.
Support and Strength to all prisons which participate in the mobilization.
Female and male prisoners of koridallos
Prosecutor requested a one-month custody for Nihad

Today was held hearing on ordering custody to Trnka. Prosecutor, Božo Mihajlovich, has requested determination (one month), and cited that “suspected is discovered just few days ago and that they are waiting for a lot more evidences” and that Nihad will be able to influence on witnesses to change their testimony.
His lawyer, M. Kapo stated that legal qualifications of Trnka act are problematic, because they can not be linked to terrorism, nor did he knew that thare was Archive – majority of citizens didn’t knew where it is.

If building of Presideny wasn’t set on fire, even today, most citizens wouldn’t even know where and what is Archive of B&H-


Nihad is 22 years old and he came to protests because he works in company and he didn’t got his salary for four months. He couldn’t affect at anyone, because Nihad already claimed responsibility for burning Presideny building.

Decision of one-month detention should be known to us around 16:00 today.


(ABC Balkan / Sarajevo)


Nihad Trnka, one of the protesters, is arrested in friday, on 7th March in Sarajevo

You can write support letter to Nihad in Central Prison at the following address:
Nihad Trnka
Branilaca Sarajeva 8,
71 000 Sarajevo
Bosnia and Herzegovina

more at:

SARAJEVO: Details about N. Trnka, accused for Terrorism

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