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Call for signatures for the release of Jorge Mario García González

Comrades, During a recent visit to Mario González García, our anarchist comrade and student political prisoner since October 2, 2013, explained that he was in a few weeks to receive the results of an appeal filed by his lawyers requesting his release. That’s why he invited collectives, groups, organizations and individuals to show solidarity with the authorities in charge of his case to demand his immediate release of them. —- Call for signatures for the release of Jorge Mario García González which joins the OCL . [More campaign in which we took part right here —- Overall, are determined to Mario out of prison! —- Pending the outcome of this appeal, and facing this new possibility that Mario so free, we invite you to participate in collective mobilization in favor and attach your signature to this national and international reporting, launched on October 26 and up ‘November 2, 2014. This document, in addition to being sent to the bodies in charge of our judgment and distributed networks, will be presented by the lawyers to be added to the file of Jorge Mario García González to strengthen the elements that will help his immediate and unconditional release.

Freedom Mario González, please send your signatures, as organizations, groups or individuals in the following email:

For international signatures before November 2:


Copy to: Alejandro Gómez Sánchez, Irma Ortiz Rivero y Rosa Guadalupe Carmona Malvina Roig del Segundo Tribunal Magistrados Colegiado in Materia Penal Primer Circuito.

Jorge Mario García González was a student of the CCH Naucalpan when he was expelled because of his opposition to educational reform affecting the institution, its constant criticism of neo-liberal education system, his opposition to changing the curriculum CCH finally his student activism and his anarchist ideas, he has always claimed.

Mario was persecuted, harassed and illegally detained by order of the Rector of the National Autonomous University of Mexico City, José Narro from the day of his arrest on October 2, 2013. With other comrades, he went to the event in memory of the young murdered October 2, 1968.

During his detention and trial he was tortured, as clearly indicated in the report 2014 issued by Amnesty International entitled “Torture and Ill-treatment out of control in Mexico.”

Like so many other young people in Mexico, Mario was highly criminalized by the authorities are struggling to keep him in custody, accusing him of a crime made “to attack the public peace.” This offense has been systematically used to punish social activists, in the same way that the offense of sedition had been in 1968.

The trial of Mario is flawed, their human rights and their rights to a fair trial were trampled. Evidence in his defense, stating that it was not involved in what he is accused, were not taken into account. And the only evidence against him is the testimony of two police officers who have not clearly identified as an actor crimes imputed to him.

Thus, Mario González was imprisoned based on evidence fabricated. Bail of 130,000 pesos was imposed. However, although it has been paid and accepted by the judge, Marcela Arrieta Ángeles, it revoked the freedom considering that Mario was “socially dangerous.”

Mario is a political prisoner who inconvenient university authorities and the government of the Federal District (Mexico City).

He is a prisoner as thousands of young people in Mexico for decades, because of its critical attitude, rebellious, supportive, creative, kind and generous. In the Medical Tower Tepepan, where he retrieves his two hunger strikes, prisoners and some of the staff the respect, listen, to greet his solidarity character. It is always present, no matter the circumstances, and it is because of this, because he did not make, it does not sell, it does not get tired, he was persecuted , vilified, humiliated, criminalized, beaten and jailed: for his struggle for a free and public education where criticism is not converted into an offense, but need to be in a country where young student activist is a crime punishable by death , persecution and imprisonment.

Mario is pending resolution of his appeal against his sentence of 5 years, 1 month and 15 days. This appeal is decided by the judges of the Second Criminal Court College: Alejandro Gómez Sánchez, Rivero Ortiz and Irma Rosa Guadalupe Carmona Malvina Roig.

In this case there is no room for indifference, contempt and political persecution. It is unacceptable that after a crime and made a completely ridiculous adjective “dangerous”, as a young Jorge Mario García González because he is a prisoner and student activist engaged.

Following what has been stated above, we, the community, organizations and individuals signatories demand that the Second Criminal Court College whose leaders are Alejandro Gómez Sánchez, Irma Ortiz Rivero y Rosa Guadalupe Carmona Malvina Roig, vote for freedom absolute and unconditional our comrade Mario Jorge González García.

Mexican Anarchists Federation about Ayotzinapa School slaughtery: “bloody State Repression against students”

Mexico Anarchist Federation/Federación Anarquista de México

– To fellow students and teachers at Country Normal School “Raúl Isidro Burgos” Ayotzinapa, Guerrero:
– To Relatives of the dead and kidnapped from the Country Normal School “Raúl Isidro Burgos”
– To the people of Mexico:
– Comrades:

The bloody state repression against the Normal School Rural “Raúl Isidro Burgos” students in Ayotzinapa, Guerrero, 26th and 27th September 2014, murdered 6 companions, and 20 wounded 43 students missing. The killers were the Borought, State and Federal polices, supported by the Mexican Army. All three, Boruoght, State and Federal governments have conspired to carry out and cover up the infamous State crime.

Our hearts are sore, it hurts the deaths of our brothers. It hurts the absence and forced disappearance of our peers. We grieve the pain of the relatives, classmates and teachers from the Normal Rural Schoorl “Raúl Isidro Burgos” of Ayotzinapa, Guerrero. 

We are outraged and rebels against the pain, death and the forced disappearance of our Ayotzinapan brothers.

Fellow Rural Normal School “Raúl Isidro Burgos” their pain is our pain, their rebellion is our rebellion. We embrace as embraces a brother in arms.

            Living were taken, alive we want them back!

Anarchist Federation – Mexico, October 2014.


Source-Portal Oaca vía LA TARCOTECA Contrainfo: Anarquistas de México sobre la masacre de Ayotzinapa: “sanguinaria represión estatal contra los estudiantes”


France: Protester killed in clashes with police at the ZAD of Testet

Background info on the struggle against the dam in Testet: 1, 2

According to a statement from squatters in the ZAD of Notre-Dame-des-Landes, during the night between Saturday and Sunday the 26th of October 2014 a protester named Remi was killed in clashes that broke out after a rally against the construction of a dam along the Sivens forest in the wetland of Testet in the Tarn department (southern France).

Around 7000 people gathered in the ZAD (zone to be defended) of Testet, after months of police attacks and destruction of the wetland and habitations of those who defend the area. In the late evening and overnight, dozens of people attacked the forces of order that were protecting the dam construction site. Activists expressed their anger trying to delay the resumption of works, originally scheduled for Monday the 27th of October.

The cops fired rubber bullets (known as flash-balls), distraction devices such as stun hand grenades and fragmentation grenades, and tear gases. According to testimonies of protesters from the Testet wetland area, Remi must have collapsed after being hit with a grenade; then his body was reportedly taken by the repressive forces.

Prefectural authorities stated they did not want to comment on the matter before the official autopsy was made public on Monday. The government has already begun to stigmatize the protesters, in addition to trying to divide them in order to cover up what happened. But they know very well that, whatever they do, this death will have explosive consequences.

Footage from protest in the evening of October 26th in the town of Gaillac in the Tarn department:




Calls against state violence and updates on planned actions in Nantes and elsewhere at: &


Letter from anarchist prisoner: Monica Caballero


Dear All,


At this time, after nearly 10 months  in Spanish  state prisons, I must deliver these words to you, dear companions (female and male) who fight for the abolition of all authority and the integral development of each individual.

Monica Caballero Anarchist Political Prisoner CP Sepulveda Avila

Written by Monica Caballero from prison Avila

“In prisons the individual is crushed in the depths of her/his essence”


Today anarchism is a major concern in terms of security for many Western (and some Eastern) states; in this witch hunt informal antiauthoritarian anything goes, this repressive hysteria is inherent in our quest for total freedom, is as old as the anarchist ideas. So all who attempt to confront or question the prevailing order must expect a momentary or prolonged visit at one of these monuments of human extermination.

In my case passing time in a cage is nothing new. If you decide to fight the established order then punishment is one of its consequences, this approach goes far beyond the Democratic vision of Innocent / Guilty, which has no place for someone like me who wants to destroy the world that is founded on their laws. I do not recognize any judge, the Law makes me a slave, its Justice leaves me a prisoner.

Inside prisons the garbage of society comes out. Here inside the individual is crushed in the depths of its essence, blackmail and manipulation by the tentacles of power are mixed and transformed as social reintegration policy. Given this policy just maintaining coherence is my victory, staying incorruptible and decent is the daily fight.

This political-legal-policing process that has been first against a group of comrades and finally has taken my beloved companion and I. Those in power have used devices and tricks, some bordering on the ridiculous, but those who are sucked into this system and trying to perpetuate it will never understand our ways.

Ways to break the hierarchy, not receiving orders from anyone, we grow and multiply like weeds in their quiet and sterile garden. The set of anarchist ideas are developed on the complexity of individual integrity, this free individual, associated with others, will finish this rotten society.The shapes and the ways in which individuals face the domain are many and have no limits, neither is better or worse, they are just different. No anarchist deemed as such can impose what to do on anyone much less allow any form of compulsion.

Along the path of anarchist construction-destruction we don`t need (or want) any manual or itinerary, we build the way in our daily lives. For those who believe that antiauthoritarians strictly follow the tenets of some guru, I tell them they have not understood anything.

While there have been throughout history (and there still are) many valuable colleagues in the struggle against authority who have made great contributions, it does not mean that we surrender to any kind of cult.

Dearest comrades I would love to dedicate words more often, but with these limitations I do not know if I can communicate in this way again.

Within a few months the trial will be upon us, I’ll try and rise to the occasion, and I’ll never bow my head
Send a fraternal hug to those who have supported us, every gesture of solidarity illuminates the shadows of these cold walls.

To all the subversive political prisoners in Chilean prisons: my thoughts are always with you, though I’m very far away I’m thinking of you…to all you freely chosen sisters and brothers.. lets hope our paths will soon cross.

An open hand to the comrade.. a closed fist to the enemy!

”Send a fraternal hug to those who have supported us, every gesture of solidarity illuminates the shadows of these cold walls.”
”we grow and multiply like weeds in their quiet and sterile garden”.

Mónica Caballero (25 ), known as La Moniquita, and Francisco Javier Solar (34) (El Cariñoso) have been charged with a spectacular bombing, without victims in Zaragoza Cathedral,
Both were eventually found innocent in Chile, after a great support campaign, and came to Barcelona to start a new life, to study and hopefully start a veggy restaurant, before being accused of the Comando Mateo Morral attacks.


Protesters burn city hall in Mexico town where 43 students vanished

— Masked assailants Wednesday set fire to the city hall in Iguala in a rampage triggered by the failure of Mexican authorities to resolve the case of 43 missing student teachers.

Dozens of protesters, many wearing masks, broke away from a peaceful march of thousands of people who were demanding that the missing student teachers be returned alive.

Flinging rocks and using poles as battering rams, the protesters broke into the city hall, which was closed, and shattered windows and smashed computers. Several protesters carried Molotov cocktails, and around 1:30 p.m., acrid black smoke began billowing out of several areas of the building.

No federal police, who have taken control of this city about 100 miles southwest of Mexico City, responded to the rampage as it unfolded over the course of an hour.

No injuries were apparent.

The attack marked an escalation of protests in the Pacific Coast state of Guerrero, where tensions have been high since scores of student teachers went missing Sept. 26 after clashing with municipal police. Those clashes left six people dead and some 20 injured. Police rounded up 43 other students, but their fate is unknown.

Iguala’s mayor and security chief fled after the bloodshed amid evidence that they had been collaborating with a regional criminal gang, Guerreros Unidos, or United Warriors.

Federal authorities later found six mass graves and retrieved 23 bodies from them but have not yet determined if the bodies belong to any of the missing students, all of whom were from a rural teachers college that is a bastion of radicalism.

Earlier in the day, Attorney General Jesus Murillo Karam laid blame for the missing students on fugitive ex-Mayor Jose Luis Abarca and his wife, Maria de los Angeles Pineda Villa, who was the city’s director of social services before fleeing with her husband.

Murillo Karam said several of the 52 police officers, municipal officials and United Warriors members who’ve been detained in the case have told authorities that Abarca ordered city police to halt the students lest they interrupt a public speech by his wife, who had been seeking the mayor’s post.

Police from Iguala and the nearby town of Cocula, which Murillo Karam said was also controlled by the United Warriors, conducted the roundup of the students and turned them over to three United Warriors members, who transported them toward an outlying community, Pueblo Viejo, he said.

The arson attack on the city hall in Iguala marked the fourth time this month that protesters have burned buildings, a rising tide of violence dogging President Enrique Pena Nieto as the dramatic disappearances drag on unresolved.

On Tuesday, some 200 teachers set fire to the regional office of the leftist Party of the Democratic Revolution in the state capital, Chilpancingo. The party, which controls the state government, is reeling amid opposition calls for its governor, Angel Aguirre, to resign. The fire gutted part of the building. Protesters also overturned a car and spray-painted graffiti, including the slogan, “We want them back alive.”

Before dawn on Monday, masked protesters set fire to an office of a state social assistance program, Guerrero Cumple, in Chilpancingo, burning computers and filing cabinets and leaving a charred mess.

The most damage was caused Oct. 14, when masked protesters rampaged through state government installations in Chilpancingo, setting several buildings on fire.

The Pena Nieto government announced this week a reward of the equivalent of $111,000 for information leading to the whereabouts of any of the missing 43 students.

All of the students are male, mostly in their late teens or early 20s. Most are sons of poor farmers and want to become teachers as a way out of poverty.

Read more here:
The Split in the First International

The Workers Themselves

Continuing with the installments from the Anarchist Current, the Afterword to Volume Three of Anarchism: A Documentary History of Libertarian Ideas in which I survey the origins and evolution of anarchist ideas, in the excerpts below I briefly describe the split in the First International between the authoritarians who supported centralized political parties and revolutionary dictatorship, and the anti-authoritarians, the majority of whom were anarchists.

The Split in the First International

Following the suppression of the Commune, the conflict in the International between the anti-authoritarians and the supporters of top down political organization, such as Marx and his followers, came to a head. In response to Marx’s attempt to consolidate power in the International’s General Council, and to make the conquest of political power by the working class a mandatory policy of the International, the Swiss Jura Federation denounced the fictitious unity the Council sought to create through “centralization and dictatorship,” arguing that the “International, as the embryo of the human society of the future, is required in the here and now to faithfully mirror our principles of freedom and federation” (Volume One, Selection 26).

After Bakunin and Guillaume were expelled, largely at Marx’s instigation, from the International on trumped up charges at the 1872 Hague Congress, the anti-authoritarian sections of the International held their own congress at St. Imier in Switzerland. The Congress declared “the destruction of all political power,” rather than its conquest, as “the first duty of the proletariat,” whose “aspirations… can have no purpose other than the establishment of an absolutely free economic organization and federation, founded upon the labour and equality of all” (Volume One, Selection 27).

The St. Imier Congress extolled the benefits of militant trade union organization, for “it integrates the proletariat into a community of interests, trains it in collective living and prepares it for the supreme struggle.” The Congress embraced strike action “as a precious weapon in the struggle,” because it exposes “the antagonism between labour and capital” and prepares “the proletariat for the great and final revolutionary contest” (Volume One, Selection 27). Whether the final revolutionary contest would be an insurrection, a general strike, or a combination of the two remained open to debate. At the time, many anarchists favoured insurrection, particularly those associated with the Italian Federation, which attempted insurrections in Bologna in 1874 and Benevento in 1877.

The proto-syndicalist elements in the anti-authoritarian wing of the International, exemplified by Guillaume, emphasized the need for organized working class resistance to the State and capital. This approach was particularly prominent in Spain and various parts of Latin America, where anarchists were involved in creating some of the first trade unions and workers’ federations.

In Spain this doctrine became known as anarchist “collectivism,” which the Spanish veteran of the First International, José Llunas Pujols (1850-1905), defined as “a society organized on the basis of collective ownership, economic federation and the complete emancipation of the human being” (Volume One, Selection 36). The “unit of organization would… be the trades section in each locality,” with administrative tasks performed by delegates who would be replaced if they failed to adhere to the mandates given to them by their respective sections (Volume One, Selection 36). This form of working class direct democracy, similar to the “Worker Democracy” advocated by Proudhon in On the Political Capacity of the Working Classes (Volume One, Selection 18), was later taken up by the anarcho-syndicalists (Volume One, Chapter 12).

Following the defeat of the Paris Commune, the International was outlawed in much of Europe, making it extremely difficult for anarchists to maintain or create revolutionary working class organizations. Although the anti-authoritarian International outlasted the Marxist wing by several years, it eventually split between the anarchist communists, who favoured insurrectionary methods, the proto-syndicalists who favoured federations of revolutionary unions, and more moderate federalists who eventually embraced state socialism, such as César de Paepe from Belgium.

Robert Graham


After Gezi: Erdoğan and political struggle in Turkey

The latest Global Uprisings film chronicles a year of resistance and repression that has left Turkey profoundly divided in the wake of the Gezi uprising.

Political struggles over the future of Turkey have left the country profoundly divided. Former Prime Minister, now President, Tayyip Erdogan, has fueled growing polarization through his authoritarian response to protests, his large-scale urban development projects, his religious social conservatism, and most recently, through his complicity in the Islamic State’s war against the Kurdish people in Northern Syria.

In the year after the Gezi uprising, protests continue against the government’s urban redevelopment plans, against police repression, in response to repression of the Kurdish and Alevi populations, and in honor of the martyrs that lost their lives in the uprising. Most recently, angry protests and riots have spread across the country in solidarity with the Kurdish People’s Protection Units fighting against the Islamic State in Kobanê, Rojava. This film chronicles a year of uprisings, resistance and repression since the Gezi uprising in Turkey.


Statement outside Santa Ana City Council Chambers (English/Español)

This is the second statement by Copwatch Santa Ana released this month. Among other things, it explains why the group did not attend the city’s October 21 city council meeting following the events of the last city council meeting two weeks ago and their philosophy for the liberation of all people. The collective is based in Santa Ana, CA. The statement was released on October 21, 2014.

We are here this evening to provide more information regarding the events that occurred on Oct 7th.

Although attention was only paid to a small part of the cancelled meeting, many failed to realize that Pulido and his council launched a violent threat of arrest towards every individual inside those chambers. This violence is at the root of how this entire system operates. It needs violence to legitimize itself, it needs violence to instill fear in all of us. We know who is truly disrespectful and we know who the violent ones are.

While the circus of politics began to trend the web and spark debates after the last council meeting, the neo-liberal forces of Santa Ana continue to wage war on our communities, and it seems that many have fallen for the narrative of spectacle centered around a hat and 1st amendment rights.

For some, October 7th was simply a matter of ‘freedom of speech’ while for many others it has always been a matter of defending and resisting police abuse.

We attended the October 7th meeting to address the rampant harassment and abuse by Officer Berwanger and killer cop Rodriguez by putting it on public record. We didn’t attend the council meeting to ask anything of these so called representatives, we know that this system has perpetually failed us because it has always been broken.

We know that the power of the people does not lie within those council chambers and the power of the people surely isn’t represented in a neo-liberal puppet like Pulido.

We know that the power of the people lies in the people themselves. Not in the vote, not in the non-profit, but the people who work, strive, struggle and organize collectively for each others liberation.

We don’t care about Pulido, his council or the next elected Mayor and council of oppressors, because we have a systemic problem and they are the system. We don’t care if they preserve those illusory chambers of democracy by allowing people to wear FTP gear, because if the city concedes to a hat with ‘fuck the police,’ members of our community will still be targeted, harassed, intimidated, arrested, and murdered by the Santa Ana Police Department. Our dreams are in the streets and our power is in our collective spirit of total resistance.

No change can come from these chambers.

We would like to clarify that FTP or Fuck The Police is more than just an immature expression of anger and disrespect, as Pulido and his council would like you to believe.

We understand that if it is total liberation we seek, we must abolish the police but also begin to build alternatives to this prison world, from the bottom up, while engaging and changing the increasingly hostile environment we find ourselves in by encouraging the momentum of resistance to the presence of police in our lives. Fuck the police means fighting for a world where mental illness, homelessness and drug addiction are not crimes but symptoms of capitalism, a broken economic system that is impossible to maintain. FTP means Fuck the Patriarchy and the patriarchal masculinity, violence and culture of domination this system of governance and policing cultivates. FTP is an expression of revolutionary culture, because we come from a history of struggle that dates back to 1492.

A struggle that not only continues here in Santa Ana but continues in Anaheim, and Ferguson. A struggle that continues in Greece and Santiago. The same struggle that continues in Istanbul and Kobane. The same struggle that continues in Ireland and Chiapas. Our struggle that continues in Palestine and Guerrero. Our struggle continues.

We desire no more police, we desire no more guardians of gentrification and capital. This means the entire system must give way to let us determine our own lives. This means we resist all attacks on our autonomy be it the non profit industrial complex and its tools of pacification or the literal beating, kidnapping, and murder of community members by police.

Here in these chambers there is no justice
We find justice when We find each other
Here in these chambers there is no hope
We find hope when We make hope together in the streets

We want the impossible because we are already living it.

Copwatch Santa Ana (CWSA) is an all-volunteer, horizontally-organized collective of individuals based in Santa Ana. The collective works to observe and document police activity within the confines of the ‘law’ while revealing the rampant police misconduct and brutality that plagues not only the SAPD but local municipal police departments across the country. CWSA believes that observing police activity is a crucial first step in organizing towards radical self-determination and building an effective self-defense against state-sponsored violence. By engaging in direct action, indigenous strategies, guerilla tactics and providing various workshops to educate ourselves and our communities about their rights with the police, CWSA attempts to build a broad based movement in which every single individual knows what to do when confronted by police or witnessing police interactions. And in affect, every individual plays a practical role in actualizing police accountability.


Estamos aquí esta noche para proporcionar más información sobre los hechos ocurridos el 07 de octubre .

Aunque sólo se prestó atención a una pequeña parte de la reunión cancelada , muchos no se dieron cuenta de que Pulido y su consejo lanzaron una amenaza violenta de arresto a cada individuo dentro de esas cámaras . Esta violencia está en el base de cómo funciona todo este sistema . Se necesita la violencia para legitimarse , que necesita la violencia para infundir miedo en todos nosotros . Nosotros sabemos quienes son los que faltan el respeto nosotros sabemos quienes son los violentos.

Mientras que el circo de la política comenzó a tender los debates en el internet después de la última reunión del consejo , las fuerzas neoliberales de Santa Ana continúan su guerra en contra de nuestras comunidades , y parece que muchos han caído en la narrativa del espectáculo sobre una gorra y derechos de primera enmienda.

Para algunos , el 7 de octubre fue simplemente una cuestión de “libertad de expresión “, mientras que para muchos otros, siempre ha sido una cuestión de defensa y resistencia a los abusos policiales .

Asistimos a la reunión del 07 de octubre para anunciar y hablar sobre el abuso lanzado por el Oficial Berwanger y el policía asesino Rodríguez poniéndolo en registro público . No asistimos a la reunión del consejo para pedir algo de estos llamados representantes , sabemos que este sistema perpetuamente nos ha fallado , porque siempre ha estado roto.

Sabemos que el poder de la gente no está dentro de estos salones de los consejos y que el poder de la gente seguramente no esta representado en un títere neo- liberal como Pulido.

Sabemos que el poder del pueblo se encuentra en nosotros mismos. El poder del pueblo no esta en el voto , no esta en las organizaciones que dicen trabajar sin ánimo de lucro , pero el poder del pueblo esta en las personas que trabajan , se esfuerzan , luchan y se organizan colectivamente para la liberacion de cada uno.

No nos importa Pulido , ni su consejo o el siguiente alcalde electo y su consejo de opresores , porque tenemos un problema sistémico y ellos son el sistema. No nos importa si conservan esas cámaras ilusorias de la democracia al permitir a la gente a usar gorras que digan FTP , ya que si la ciudad concede a una gorra que tenga escrita ‘ A la mierda con la policía , ” los miembros de nuestras comunidades todavía estaran , hostigados , intimidados , detenidos , y asesinados por la policía de Santa Ana . Nuestros sueños están en las calles y nuestro poder está en nuestro espíritu colectivo de la resistencia total.

Ningún cambio puede venir de estas cámaras.

Nos gustaría aclarar que FTP o Fuck The Police es algo más que una expresión inmadura de la ira y la falta de respeto, como Pulido y su consejo les gustaría creer.

Entendemos que si se trata de la liberación total que buscamos, debemos abolir la policía, pero también empezar a construir alternativas a este mundo carcelero , de abajo hacia arriba , mientras que participemos en cambiar el medio ambiente que se pone cada vez más hostil y fomentar el impulso de resistencia a la presencia de la policía en nuestras vidas . FTP significa luchar por un mundo en el que la enfermedad mental, la falta de vivienda y la drogadicción no son crimenes , pero los síntomas del capitalismo , una sistema económico quebrado que es imposible de mantener. FTP significa a la mierda con el patriarcado y la masculinidad patriarcal , la violencia y la cultura de dominación que este sistema de gobierno y sus policias cultivan. FTP es una expresión de la cultura revolucionaria , porque venimos de una historia de lucha que empezo desde 1492 .

Una lucha que no sólo continúa aquí en Santa Ana , pero continúa en Anaheim , y Ferguson . Una lucha que continúa en Grecia y Santiago . La misma lucha que continúa en Estambul y Kobani . La misma lucha que continúa en Irlanda y Chiapas . Nuestra lucha que continúa en Palestina y Guerrero . Nuestra lucha continua .

Deseamos no más policías , deseamos no más guardianes de la aburguesamiento y el capital. Esto significa que todo el sistema debe dar paso a dejarnos determinar nuestras propias vidas . Esto significa que resistimos a todos los ataques contra nuestra autonomía sea el complejo industrial sin fines de lucro y sus herramientas de pacificación o la paliza literal , el secuestro y asesinato de miembros de la comunidad por la policía .

Aquí, en estas cámaras no hay justicia
Encontramos la justicia cuando nos encontramos unos a otros
Aquí, en estas cámaras no hay esperanza
Encontramos esperanza cuando creamos esperanza juntos en las calles

Queremos lo imposible porque ya lo estamos viviendo.

“Copwatch Santa Ana es un colectivo de voluntarios individuales organizados horizontalmente basado en Santa Ana. El Colectivo trabaja para observar y documentar la actividad policiaca en el contexto de la ley mientras denunciando la mala conducta y brutalidad que plaga no solo el departamento de policia de Santa Ana pero departamentos de policias municipales en todo el pais. Copwatch Santa Ana cree que observar la actividad policiaca es en primer paso esencial para organizar hacia un auto-determincacion radical y construir una auto-defensa eficaz contra la violencia del estado. Con accion directa, estrategias indigenas, tacticas guerilleras y proveyendo varios talleres para educarnos y educar a nuestras communidades sobre nuestros derechos con la policia. Copwatch Santa Ana trata de contruir un movimiento de base amplia en donde cada individuo conoce que hacer al enfrentar la policia o cuando es testigo de actividad policiaca. Y en efecto, cada individuo tiene un papel practico en hacer la policia responsables por sus acciones.”



Anarchist Stella Antoniou was arrested in Dimitsana, Tripoli, by ‘anti-terror’ pigs (Greece)

On Wednesday October 23rd , the anarchist Stella Antoniou was arrested in Dimitsana, Tripoli, for “violating” the restrictive conditions which is not true, as Stella has no restriction on going away from Attiki.

Stella contacted some comrades and let them know that despite her denial, 5 cops from the Counter-Terrorism Unit, tried 2 times to take DNA from her. At first, closing her nose so as she opens her mouth and they can take saliva from her with a cotton swab. Then pulling her hair and violently push her and throw her on the ground.

Due to the violent behavior, the comrade has a rupture under her eye and, as a result, she bleeds. This is very dangerous especially for Stella because of the problems she generally has with her eye.

There was a gathering today in the Tripolis court, but the cops didn’t let the solidarians enter the court.

There will be more information soon.

Translation: VbD



After four months, today (Tuesday 9.00) in three-member Court of Appeals Felonies Piraeus (Skouze) the case of the kidnapping and torture of wild Egyptian worker at Salamina in the summer of 2012.

Even if this is one of the worst stories of racist violence in the last years, in court only few people is standing on the side of Walid, 3,4 parents, few friends from Salamina and one representative of the Egyptian Embassy.
A litle bit further the defendants: the baker, his son and two friends of them. “If i see you again around in Salamina i will send you directly back in Egypt” said to him his former employer the last spring out of the court.
It is recalled that, the defendants Giorgio Sgourdos, owner of the bakery in Salamina and employer of the victim, his son (member of golden dawn) and a friend of him of Albanian origin they are the likely suspects for the case of kidnapping, torture and the thieft of saving that Walid Taleb was saving for months, wich they left chained for hours in a stable in Salamina.
Unemployed for two years, with serious health problems (hi is almost blind from one eye), in poverty-struck (the former employer have to pay him about 7.000 euros from the that he stall to him-they were the saves of months of allot of Egyptians in Salamina) with his family in Alexandria, Walid is finally waiting for justice and he states that he wants to stay in Greece.


translation: Revolution Sociale

-in italian

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